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General view
Futronic FS82 fingerprint scanner, general view with smart card inserted
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Smart card removed
Futronic FS82 fingerprint scanner, general view, smart card removed
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Close-up on sensor
Close-up on Futronic FS82 fingerprint sensor
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Raw fingerprint image
Raw fingerprint image from Futronic FS82 scanner
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Futronic FS82 is an optical USB 2.0 fingerprint scanner that also has an ISO/IEC 7816 compliant smart card reader. Technically the device is the Futronic FS80 scanner with smart card reader added.

The device allows to use fingerprint and smart card readers together for two-factor authentication, or separately. The smart card reader in FS82 can handle any ISO 7816 compatible smart card and can be used as stand-alone smart card reader.

Scanner's manufacturer specifies that FS82 is able to perform live finger detection and reject fake fingers made from silicone rubber, play-doh or other materials. The scanner is able to adapt to fingerprint image quality (wet, dry or blurred fingers) by adjusting illumination intensity.

Support modules for this scanner are included in:


Device name Futronic FS82 USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader
Manufacturer Futronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Connection USB 2.0
Device size 50 x 73 x 35 mm (2.0" x 2.9" x 1.4")
Device weight 160 grams (0.4 lbs)
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Fingerprint reader
Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit),
Linux (x86 32-bit and 64-bit),
macOS (x86 32-bit and 64-bit),
Resolution 500 ppi
Image capture area (Platen size) 16 x 24 mm (0.6" x 0.9")
Fingerprint image size 320 x 480 pixels
Sensor type Optical, CMOS
Illumination Infrared LEDs
Smart card reader
Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows (32bit and 64bit)
Standard compliancy ISO/IEC 7816
Accepted card voltage 1.8V, 3V, 5V

* These operating systems are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs. Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.

Where to order this device?

Buy FS82 at Biometric Supply – a subsidiary of Neurotechnology.

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