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Time attendance management applications

Efficiently monitor, manage and register attendance

Neurotechnology-offered biometric attendance solution monitors employees as they enter and leave the workplace, and enables accurate, simple-to-use, and, in some situations, contactless attendance monitoring.

NCheck Bio Attendance system swiftly and precisely tracks attendance by scanning the face, fingerprint, or iris. Additionally, the system stops fraudulent or inaccurate attendance records from being recorded that are coupled with other attendance systems like timecards, fobs, or registers.

  • Persons wearing face masks or respirators can be recognized without separate enrollment.
  • Our biometric attendance system can detect and recognize multiple faces of all the people seen in the picture.
  • Before starting facial recognition, the biometric system validates the individual with liveness detection.

References and case studies

The case studies and solution partner references are prepared using the information from our customers about their software based on our biometric technology. Each case study wording is approved by the corresponding customers:

  • India's IndusInd Bank, Vodafone and PSIPL use MegaMatcher-based solutions for employee time and attendance control. Read more.
  • India Steel using NCheck Bio Attendance to track employee attendance in their Lithuania office.
  • Red Roses Public School in India is using NCheck Bio Attendance for staff management.
    The Red Roses Public School was looking for a solution to time sheets, manage staff attendance, oversee productivity and fully comply with auditing report requirements. After evaluating a number of systems, the school selected NCheck Bio Attendance from Neurotechnology. Within just a few weeks the school began realizing the benefits of using NCheck Bio Attendance, like on-time attendance and productivity increase, payroll and accounting issues detection, as well as more accurate records for contractual workers.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • A family of attendance management systems by DigiFace Solutions based on NCheck Bio Attendance software:
  • Childcare management system based on fingerprint identification was developed using VeriFinger SDK.
    The CONFIDENT Childcare Management System from Lifewares is used in daycare centers, churches and schools to control the dropping off and picking up of children by parents or guardians. Most childcare facilities manage the identity of children and their proper guardians using solutions like clipboards and papers, wrist bands, ID cards or claimchecks, but all of them are slow and unreliable. With the fingerprint recognition capabilities in CONFIDENT, every parent or guardian checking a child in or out of a facility accesses their account using their fingerprint.
    Read the case study (PDF).


Neurotechnology offers these biometric products for attendance management applications:

NCheck graphics
NCheck products family

Employee attendance and visitor management using biometrics.

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Face Verification graphics
Face Verification

Biometric identity authentication for secure mobile and web applications

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MegaMatcher SDK graphics
MegaMatcher SDK

Designed for development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palmprint identification products.

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VeriFinger SDK graphics
VeriFinger SDK

Fingerprint identification for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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VeriLook SDK graphics
VeriLook SDK

Face identification for stand-alone or client-server systems. Includes gender, age and emotion evaluation.

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VeriEye SDK graphics
VeriEye SDK

Iris identification for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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SentiVeillance graphics

Persons or vehicles recognition and tracking for video surveillance systems.

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