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MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS

MegaMatcher Criminal Identity Registration System (Criminal IDRS) is a solution that allows law enforcement agencies to collect and consolidate person's biographic, biometric, and criminal records into a comprehensive database. The system then assesses the collected data, and provides the necessary corrections for any inconsistencies or misalignments. The data can be stored in a single database, allowing for easy reference and comparison.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Multiple biometric modalities support. MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS utilizes biometric technologies to capture and store high-quality face, fingerprint, and palm print data, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of identification.
  • Live scan support. The system allows law enforcement officers to gather and manage data with the help of biometric devices, such as cameras, fingerprint and palm print readers.
  • Tenprint card support. MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS allows law enforcement agencies to collect data from both digitalized and paper tenprint cards. The system can be adjusted to process different card formats.
  • Quality assessment. The product can deliver a thorough biometric data quality check, detect misalignments, and indicate fingerprint misplacements.
  • Customization. MegaMatcher Criminal Identity Registration System offers extensive customization options for data models, biometric modalities, tenprint card formats, workflows, third-party integrations, and more. The complete solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies.
  • Extensive person data model. In addition to fingerprint data, the MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS captures and stores a comprehensive person data model, including the individual's physical characteristics.


MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS serves as a prolific tool for law enforcement agencies across various fields, allowing them to manage criminal records, improve identification accuracy, support investigations, manage criminal records, and protect public safety, including:

  • Police departments: MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS helps to efficiently conduct criminal booking, providing investigative support, and enabling risk assessment. By capturing and storing personal information, fingerprints, and mugshots, the system streamlines the arrest process and facilitates the identification of suspects and their connections to crime scenes. Additionally, the investigators are provided with a centralized repository of criminal records and biometric data, which enables them to operatively identify suspects, witnesses, and victims of crime at any given point or in any case.
  • Penitentiaries: MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS is a tool that can be used for penitentiaries, enabling accurate inmate registration, effective case management, risk assessment, and collaboration among prisons, law enforcement agencies, and other governmental organizations. This product helps to enhance security measures, improves data efficiency, and ensures community safety.


Person Registration

MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS provides a comprehensive person registration system that enables law enforcement agencies to effectively capture, store, and manage biometric and biographic data for identification purposes. Data can be captured using biometric devices, as well as paper and digitalized tenprint cards. The registration procedure includes:

  • Biographic data. The system captures and stores essential personal details such as name, date of birth, address, gender, nationality, and other relevant information.
  • Contextual data. Additional contextual information that may aid in identification and investigation, such as aliases, known associates, and criminal associates.
  • Criminal records. The dataset maintains an accurate and up-to-date record of an individual's criminal history, including the type of offense, date of offense, arrest details, and any relevant information.
  • Face (mugshots):
    • Two-shot mugshot: Consists of a front and profile view of the individual's face.
    • Three-shot mugshot Includes all three facial views - full-frontal, profile, and 3/4.
    • Quality assessment: The images taken are subject to automatic quality assessment procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Fingerprints:
    • Segmentation: For each fingerprint image, MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS applies a segmentation mask to separate a fingerprint.
    • Sequence check: The system verifies the sequence of fingerprints to ensure that they are captured in the correct order and to avoid repetitive fingerprints.
    • Quality assessment: MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS helps evaluate the integrity and usability of captured fingerprint images.
    • Missing fingerprints: In cases where fingerprints are missing or incomplete, the system allows to specify position.
  • Palm prints. MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS captures full, upper, lower, and writer's position palm prints to provide a comprehensive biometric profile and strengthen identification accuracy.

Data Transfer

MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS allows seamless data transfer to MegaMatcher ABIS or any existing criminal record information systems. The data format can be adjusted to fulfill project requirements.

Licensing and pricing

MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS is available with MegaMatcher ABIS Extended Kit.

See MegaMatcher ABIS licensing model and prices for criminal-specific components.

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