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MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System

Turnkey multi-biometric solution for national-scale identification projects

MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System is a complete system for the deployment of large-scale multi-biometric projects. The modular and customizable solution provides services for high-performance, scalable systems with multiple parallel transactions.

The solution is intended for national-scale projects, like biometric voter registration with records deduplication, passport issuing, border control, as well as other civil or criminal AFIS/ABIS.

Available as on-premise solution and as cloud service.

Features and Capabilities

  • Technology proven in national-scale projects, like passport issuance and voter deduplication.
  • Fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint modalities supported.
  • Enrollment of biometric and biographic data with quality assessment.
  • Identity records lifecycle management with adjudication.
  • Galleries support for providing different agencies with specific access to the system.
  • Fast matching in verification, identification and deduplication modes.
  • Top accuracy proven at NIST MINEX III, PFT III, IREX 10 and FVC-onGoing.
  • Forensic analysis module for law enforcement applications available.
  • Scalable, modular architecture with high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Cloud service available for making the system accessible from multiple platforms and locations.
  • Customization is possible for specific project needs.

MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) is available as on-premise solution and as cloud service:

  • MegaMatcher ABIS 13.0 on-premise solution is designed as a complete system with all necessary components for deploying a large-scale biometric system. The solution includes ready-to-use services and applications for running on regular hardware.
  • MegaMatcher ABIS cloud service is designed to make the system more accessible from multiple platforms and locations. The secure integrated cloud service provides functionality for enhancing its use as a solution for large and national-scale projects. The cloud service is available at the website.

MegaMatcher ABIS 13.0 on-premise solution provides these capabilities for large-scale biometric identification systems:

  • Fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint modalities support. The system can accept fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint images for creating biometric templates and searching against the database. Each template can contain multiple fingerprints, irises, faces and/or palmprints. Proprietary fused matching algorithm provides high matching accuracy.
  • Biometric and biographic data enrollment. Person's biometric is captured in real time from stationary or mobile enrollment stations using the supported fingerprint/palmprint readers (120+ models supported) or iris cameras. Off-the-shelf cameras are used for ICAO compliant facial image capture. Quality assessment can be used for evaluation of the biometric data quality based on standard and proprietary algorithms. Support for signature pads and document scanning is also available.
  • Identity records management. The whole lifecycle of identity records is managed, including registration, update and delete procedures. Complex and questionable biometric operations are resolved using the adjudication procedure, which can use automatic rulesets or forward the cases to human operators, who will review them using a specialized visual tool.
  • Galleries support. Identities can be optionally organized into separate and isolated galleries for grouping them by certain attributes (i.e. geographic region) and providing access to each of them for specific users. This way a single system can be used by multiple agencies for their specific needs.
  • Fast matching. The biometric matching can be performed in verification (1-to-1), identification (1-to-all) and deduplication modes (all-to-all). The fast and accurate matching is assured by proprietary algorithms which are able to perform up to 1.2 billion comparisons per second on each node of the system. The matching process can be tuned to detect anomalies. Multiple gallery support is optionally available for performing matching on isolated subsets of the biometric database.
  • Accuracy. MegaMatcher ABIS is based on award-winning biometric technologies. In 2019 NIST has judged that Neurotechnology's fingerprint algorithms are the most accurate high speed fingerprint recognition systems among all MINEX III participants. In the same year MegaMatcher palm print recognition algorithm has been recognized as the most accurate overall and fastest among the most accurate contenders at the FVC-onGoing evaluation. In 2020 and 2021 Neurotechnology's fingerprint algorithm earned first place at the FVC-onGoing and PFT III evaluations correspondingly. Also, in 2020 the iris recognition algorithm has been proven by NIST as the second most accurate at the IREX 10 evaluation.
  • Forensic analysis module. The module is designed for use in law enforcement applications and provides specific functionality, which includes latent fingerprints processing, conversion of hand-drawn facial composite to realistic face images, facial anatomy attributes evaluation and tattoo image recognition.
  • Customization for project needs. Most components of MegaMatcher ABIS can be customized for specific project needs and restrictions. The customization may range from user interface translation into required language to modifying the system architecture.
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