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Ultrasonic Non-contact Tweezers

Neurotechnology's Ultrasound Research Group also performs research & development in these areas of ultrasound technologies:

  • Ultrasonic particle manipulation. Ultrasonic particle manipulation is a non-contact manipulation method that uses ultrasonic waves to trap, orient and transport small objects. Neurotechnology is developing a 3D printing/assembling technology based on ultrasonic particle manipulation.
  • Ultrasonic electrostatic transducers. Ultrasonic electrostatic transducers have a wide bandwidth and are ideally suited for parametric sound systems or high-accuracy distance measurements. Neurotechnology has developed novel electrostatic transducers and their manufacturing method based on a PCB manufacturing processes.

Ultrasonic non-contact tweezers is a set of specialized ultrasound hardware and electronics solutions which has been developed for scientific and commercial uses. Currently two products are offered:

  • Ultrasonic Array Controller UAC128 – a multi-channel continuous wave array controller developed by Neurotechnology. It was designed to be primarily used in ultrasonic particle manipulation systems.
  • Levitator Model 2S – a plug-in-play device for demonstration of ultrasonic particle levitation.
Visit Ultrasound Research Group website.
Ultrasonic particle manipulation, ultrasonic electrostatic transducers,
parametric sound, ultrasound hardware.
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