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Focusonics Directional Speaker

A focused beam of sound

Focusonics is a directional speaker that incorporates state of the art technologies to create a narrow, constrained beam of sound. This beam of sound can be heard up to tens of meters away. The listener becomes immersed in music or speech while just steps away no sound can be heard.

See Focusonics website.
Directional speakers delivering a beam of sound.
The sound is confined to a narrow beam that can reach tens of meters.

Developed and produced by Neurotechnology, the speakers are available as ready-to-use devices or as part of larger custom solutions with additional functionality.

Unlike conventional speakers, Focusonics directional speakers employ ultrasonic waves for sound reproduction. The underlying sound technology is based on a patent-pending method of using ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound.


The impressive end result is a sound audible only in a narrow beam, targeting the direction of where the directional speaker is facing. This innovative technology has a wide variety of innovative applications across multiple industries, some of which are outlined below:

  • Retail – Focusonics directional speakers can be mounted above the shelf of a specific product to transmit relevant information for customers who approach the shelf and show interest in the product – simultaneously avoiding disturbing shoppers with unnecessary spillover of irrelevant sound to other areas of the store.
  • Museums – the directional speakers can be installed next to or above an exhibit or display to provide relevant information that can be heard only by visitors who come close, leaving others in the room undisturbed. Additionally, museum attractions can be elevated to a new level courtesy of the Focusonics Museum solution which incorporates person recognition and Focusonics directional speakers for a truly immersive, personalized visitor experience.
  • Targeted messaging – Focusonics directional speakers for digital signage are a great way to attract attention and localize music or other sound for the display. Optionally, a custom computer vision solution can be used to determine person's gender, age and emotional state and present personalized promotions throught displays via Focusonics speakers.

Discover more information on these applications among others which all benefit from Focusonics directional speakers.


Currently, two models of speaker are available; larger Model A for longer distance operations and a smaller Model B for shorter distance operation, typically for mounting overhead.

Visit Focusonics website.
Directional speakers delivering a beam of sound.
The sound is confined to a narrow beam that can reach tens of meters.
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