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MegaMatcher Identity Registration System

MegaMatcher Identity Registration System (IDRS) enables fast, accurate, and reliable biometric data capturing. The customizable solution can streamline the enrollment process and provide secure and efficient data collection for many different scenarios. MegaMatcher IDRS can be used as a standalone solution or combined with MegaMatcher Identity Management System (IDMS) and MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS).

Key Features and Capabilities

  • ICAO-compliant Face Capturing. Captures high-quality facial images meeting international standards for ID documents. This ensures reliable biometric data collection.
  • Adaptive Fingerprint Capturing. For flexible fingerprint capture, MegaMatcher IDRS integrates with a wide range of scanners, supporting more than 120 device models.
  • Fraud Prevention. The system includes age assessment, biometric liveness check, multiple registration prevention, as well as operator interference detection.
  • Data Security. MegaMatcher IDRS uses encryption when storing sensitive biometric and biographical data. In case the hardware is lost, the sensitive biometric and biographic data cannot be retrieved, thus the data remains protected.
  • Compatibility with Biometric Registration Kits MegaMatcher IDRS works with various devices (scanners, cameras, printers) for a seamless registration experience. It supports both Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.


MegaMatcher Identity Registration System can be customized for a variety of scenarios and offers versatile solutions for different scale applications:

  • Voter management: MegaMatcher IDRS can provide Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) for building a secure and reliable registry of voters by collecting biometric data (such as fingerprints, face and iris photos) and biographical data (such as name, date of birth, gender, address and etc.) during voter registration.
  • National identity registries: The system can be used by government agencies to register citizens for a variety of purposes, such as issuing national identity cards, driver's licenses, or passports.
  • Organizations: MegaMatcher IDRS can be used as a registration solution for businesses, communities, and other organizations, addressing specific needs like employee onboarding, visitor check-in or aid recipient enrollment.


Identity Registration

MegaMatcher IDRS streamlines the identity registration process, ensuring accurate and secure data collection, providing:

  • Intuitive user experience. MegaMatcher IDRS provides a user-friendly, step-by-step wizard that guides individuals through the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.
  • Personalized biographic data collection. The system allows for the collection of individual biographical details for each person, facilitating targeted communication and enhanced security measures.
  • Data consistency checks. A unique ID is assigned to each individual, creating a clear link between collected data and the corresponding person. The system also can make these checks:
    • Biometric liveness detection – a specialized algorithm can determine if a face in a video stream or single frame is "live", thus preventing impersonation attempts with another person's photo shown in front of a camera.
    • Age assessment – a person's age is determined from the provided face image to prevent underage persons' registration.
    • Multiple registration detection – the provided biometric data can be compared with all previous registration to prevent impersonation attempts
    • Operator intervention detection – all operators are also registered into the system to check if their biometric data is not used for other person registration.

Data Management

MegaMatcher IDRS ensures efficient data management and secure data control:

  • User management. The system offers features to control and manage user access and permissions, ensuring data security.
  • Online and offline mode support. This flexibility allows for data collection in various environments, even without an internet connection.
  • Data export and reporting. MegaMatcher IDRS facilitates easy and efficient data transfer through removable drives or an internet connection. It also generates data statistics and reports, allowing for analysis and monitoring of identity data.

Compatibility with Biometric Registration Kits

MegaMatcher IDRS can be used in Biometric Registration Kits as a complete solution for a seamless, secure, and straightforward identity registration process. System compatibility can be aligned with multiple scanners, cameras, printers, or signature pads. This enables MegaMatcher IDRS software to combine different registration kit functionalities into one cohesive user interface and streamline the registration process. Due to the technological flexibility, the solution can be altered for each unique registration process flow or biometric kit functionalities.

MegaMatcher IDRS on Laxton's registration kit
MegaMatcher IDRS on Laxton's registration kit
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Laxton registration kit
MegaMatcher IDRS on Aratek Marshall 8 Plus
MegaMatcher IDRS on Aratek Marshall 8 Plus
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Identity registration kit based on Aratek Marshall 8 Plus
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