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MegaMatcher Identity Registration System

Neurotechnology offers an advanced MegaMatcher Identity Registration System that enables fast, accurate, and reliable biometric data capturing. The customizable solution can streamline the enrollment process and provide secure and efficient data collection.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • An intuitive identity registration process. The MegaMatcher Identity Registration System offered by Neurotechnology provides an intuitive registration process as a step-by-step wizard that is easy to follow, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience. This system streamlines the identity registration process and ensures that all necessary information is captured accurately and securely.
  • Personalized biographic data collection. The feature allows for the collection of personalized biographic data for each individual identity, enabling more targeted communication and enhancing security measures. It is especially useful in government and election scenarios where accurate and detailed information about individuals is of utmost importance.
  • ICAO-compliant face capturing. The system is capable of capturing an ICAO-compliant face photo using a variety of high-quality cameras, ensuring that the image is clear and of high resolution, suitable for identity documents. This feature enables the system to accurately capture individuals, ensuring that the biometric data collected is reliable.
  • Adaptive fingerprint capturing. The system supports the capture of fingerprints using a wide range of fingerprint scanners, with support for up to 120 different models. This feature enables the system to collect accurate and reliable fingerprint data, ensuring that the biometric data collected is of high quality.
  • Extensive fraud prevention. The system includes measures to prevent intentional misuse by applicants and system users, such as biometric deduplication, age estimation, and face liveness detection. These features ensure that the biometric data collected is reliable, and prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • Operator interference detection. The system also includes measures to prevent both intentional and unintentional misuse by system users, such as input data validations and biometric deduplication. These features ensure that the data collected is accurate, and prevent errors and inconsistencies.
  • Multiple registration detection. The system is able to detect multiple registrations by comparing biometric data to previously registered entries. As long as there is no match with any registered person, the registration may be completed. Otherwise, the system user is notified and must study the records manually.
  • Biometric Liveness check. The system provides this security feature that ensures the authenticity of biometric data by verifying that it belongs to a live person. It prevents fraudulent activities and enhances the integrity of the identity management system, making it a valuable feature for high-security environments.
  • Handling unusual situations. This feature ensures that the system can capture and store biometric data even in situations where the captured data may not be the typical data expected. For example, when registering twins, the system can differentiate between them by comparing their fingerprints. Similarly, when dealing with missing or damaged fingers, the system can capture data from other fingers or palm prints to ensure accurate identification. This feature enhances the flexibility and reliability of the system, ensuring accurate biometric data registration.
  • Data export. The system enables the export of data using a removable drive or Internet connection, allowing for easy and efficient data transfer.
  • Self-diagnostics. The system includes a self-diagnostic function that checks the connection and readiness of the system for registration, ensuring that the system is operating correctly and efficiently. All the operators are able to run diagnostics themselves, in the wish of troubleshooting the issues.
  • Data statistics and reports. The system provides data statistics and reports, allowing for easy analysis and monitoring of identity data.
  • User Management. The system includes user management features, allowing for the control and management of user access and permissions.
  • Security. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of an individual's data, the biometric identity system stores encrypted data, which provides privacy and data protection. The encryption key is required to restore the data, and if the hardware is lost, the sensitive biometric and biographic data cannot be retrieved.
  • The generation of a unique identity number. The system generates a unique identification number for each individual, ensuring that the biometric data collected is associated with the correct individual and preventing identity theft and fraud.
  • Supports online and offline modes. The system can operate both online and offline, ensuring that biometric data can be collected in a variety of different environments.
  • Supports various equipment. The system supports a wide range of equipment, including biometric registration kits and capture workstations, making it highly flexible and adaptable to various environments. This allows the system to be easily integrated with existing infrastructure, reducing implementation costs and time.
  • Platform independent. The system is platform-independent, ensuring that it can be used on a variety of different hardware and software configurations. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems, guaranteeing that it can be used on a wide range of different devices and platforms.

MegaMatcher Identity Registration System offers flexibility since it can be used as a standalone solution or as a part of a larger system cooperating with other components for biometric registry gathering.

Application example

Over the past three decades, Neurotechnology gathered experience on multiple national elections projects, which enabled the company to use practical knowledge and expand the MegaMatcher Identity Registration System as a comprehensive Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) System, providing reliable biometric voter data gathering and registry establishment. The software offers intuitive registration workflows, capturing face photos with high-resolution webcams and fingerprints, palm prints, and irises with their appropriate scanners. BVR solution also includes measures to prevent intentional and unintentional system misuse, such as biometric deduplication, minor detection, face liveness detection, and input data validations. The software services include self-diagnostic functions to ensure the system is ready for registration and the ability to provide remote support.

Face capture
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Fingerprints capture
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MegaMatcher Identity Registration System screenshot thumbnail
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MegaMatcher Identity Registration System screenshot
MegaMatcher Identity Registration System screenshot

Neurotechnology's customizable and scalable MegaMatcher Identity Registry System can be tailored to meet specific project needs, ensuring optimal performance and value for a required application scenario. With over 30+ years of experience in biometric technology, Neurotechnology's solutions are trusted by customers worldwide. Whether for government agencies, law enforcement, or private organizations, the MegaMatcher Identity Registration System can be an essential part of efficient and reliable biometric data management.

Compatibility with Biometric Registration Kits

MegaMatcher IDRS can be used in Biometric Registration Kits as a complete solution for a seamless, secure, and straightforward identity registration process. System compatibility can be aligned with multiple scanners, cameras, printers, or signature pads. This enables MegaMatcher IDRS software to combine different registration kit functionalities into one cohesive user interface and streamline the registration process. Due to the technological flexibility, the solution can be altered for each unique registration process flow or biometric kit functionalities.

Identity registration kit

Neurotechnology has partnered with Laxton in several national-scale projects to deliver a combined solution that offers easy-to-use and reliable biometric identity registration.

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