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MegaMatcher On Card SDK

Multimodal Biometric on Card Comparison

MegaMatcher On Card SDK offers matching-on-card technology that stores a person's fingerprint, iris and face templates on a smart card and performs template matching in a microprocessor embedded in the card, instead of matching biometric information on a PC processor.

The match-on-card method ensures that personal biometric information does not transfer to an external computer as it would in a more basic template-on-card system. More than 180 million smart cards and secure elements worldwide already include MegaMatcher On Card.

MegaMatcher On Card SDK is developed utilizing a set of ISO/IEC standards to enable interoperability with and easy integration into existing smart card and/or biometric systems.

Features and Capabilities

  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine
  • PC-like verification accuracy
  • Configurable verification modes
  • Security and privacy
  • Multi-biometrics support
  • ISO/IEC standards support
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Different smart card platforms supported

MegaMatcher On Card 13.1 is based on MegaMatcher multi-biometric AFIS technology and provides a number of advantages over a standard fingerprint / face / iris identification system or similar products for smart cards, including:

  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine. MegaMatcher On Card algorithm for fingerprint matching on a smart card is compliant with the same NIST MINEX III criteria used to evaluate much more resource-intensive PC-based algorithms. See our comments for more details.
  • PC-like verification accuracy. MegaMatcher On Card provides the same level of accuracy of an AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system) in a verification process using ISO/IEC 19794-2 compact card minutiae format templates together with the security of storage of biometric templates and matching algorithm on a smart card. Face and iris modalities on-card verification precision conforms to the large scale multi-biometric MegaMatcher SDK accuracy rates of Neurotechnology's compact format templates matching. See the reliability testing results.
  • Configurable verification modes. MegaMatcher On Card fingerprint algorithm has different performance configurations that can be chosen according to the operating scenario, the requirements to matching accuracy, the smart card platform speed and memory constraints.
  • Security. Biometric verification can replace or be combined with less secure (e.g., PIN) authentication techniques to achieve higher security.
  • Privacy. The original template remains on the smart card, providing a safeguard against misuse of information or fraudulent scanning systems.
  • Multi-biometrics support. The face and iris matching engines can be used as an additional or alternative factor of authentication that enhances the fingerprint verification. Also, there is an additional fingerprint engine, which performs fingerprint identification (1-to-many matching) on smart cards. Fingerprint, iris and face templates can be stored on a single card together with the fingerprint, iris and face matching algorithms.
  • ISO/IEC standards support. MegaMatcher On Card 13.1 SDK is compliant with the following standards:
    • ISO/IEC 7816-3
    • ISO/IEC 7816-4
    • ISO/IEC 7816-9
    • ISO/IEC 7816-11
    • ISO/IEC 19794-2 (compact size finger minutiae card format)
  • Easy integration with existing systems. Implementing the system will not require major overhauls of existing infrastructure, as MegaMatcher On Card SDK is developed utilizing a set of ISO/IEC standards to enable interoperability with and easy integration into existing smart card and/or biometric systems. The process of fingerprint, iris and face enrollment during the card issuance, often connected to the avoidance of emission of duplicates, can also be developed with VeriFinger, VeriEye, VeriLook or MegaMatcher components that are fully compatible with MegaMatcher On Card. This provides the advantages of both using the whole set of features of Neurotechnology proprietary templates format to improve the accuracy of duplicates searching and the possibility to ensure the quality of the biometric data stored into the card.
  • Different smart card platforms supported. MegaMatcher On Card can be integrated at different stages of the card life cycle for various smart cards platforms. The post-issuance library gives the possibility to rapidly integrate match-on-card in projects where time constraints are critical. On the other hand the possibility to store the code directly into the ROM mask and the partnership with several card vendors offer a faster match-on-card solution and the possibility to maintain more EEPROM available for post-issuance applications.
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