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Finance services applications

Authenticate customers and prevent financial crimes

Multimodal biometric solutions from Neurotechnology allow the financial sector to utilize each of the biometric identification techniques alone or in combination to successfully identify clients and thwart financial crimes.

In this biometrics-based method of customer identification approach, traditional PIN entry or login procedures can easily be replaced with, say, a quick smartphone selfie supported by a reliable identity check using biometric verification.

  • Customization is possible for specific project needs.
  • According to NIST's annual evaluations, Neurotechnology has long had some of the top fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition algorithms in the world.
  • We are committed to continuously enhancing all of our algorithms to make them even quicker and more precise.

References and case studies

The case studies and solution partner references are prepared using the information from our customers about their software based on our biometric technology. Each case study wording is approved by the corresponding customers:

  • Mexico Multi-Biometric Enrollment System is based on MegaMatcher technology and MegaMatcher Accelerator solution.
    Mexico's tax collection agency required a fast and accurate biometric system for their digital identification and certification system. Vangent Mexico business unit and Biometria Aplicada have implemented the Multi-Biometric Enrollment System (MBES®) for high-volume iris, face and fingerprint identification. More than 3.5 million taxpayers have been enrolled in the system with a goal of 5 million to be enrolled by 2014.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • Djibouti social register system makes use of tri-modal biometric person recognition. Fingerprint, face and iris identification engines from MegaMatcher SDK ensure accurate checking of registered persons and prevent fraud. Read more.
  • India's IndusInd Bank, Vodafone and PSIPL use MegaMatcher-based solutions for employee time and attendance control. Read more.


Neurotechnology offers these biometric products for finance services applications:

MegaMatcher ABIS graphics
MegaMatcher ABIS
Automated Biometric Identification System

Turnkey on-premise solution for national-scale multi-biometric identification projects.

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MegaMatcher SDK graphics
MegaMatcher SDK

Designed for development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palmprint identification products.

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MegaMatcher Accelerator graphics
MegaMatcher Accelerator

Solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems. Provides high-performance biometric template matching on server-side.

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MegaMatcher On Card SDK graphics
MegaMatcher On Card SDK

Multimodal biometric on card comparison.

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Face Verification graphics
Face Verification

Biometric identity authentication for secure mobile and web applications

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VeriFinger SDK graphics
VeriFinger SDK

Fingerprint identification for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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VeriLook SDK graphics
VeriLook SDK

Face identification for stand-alone or client-server systems. Includes gender, age and emotion evaluation.

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VeriEye SDK graphics
VeriEye SDK

Iris identification for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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VeriSpeak SDK graphics
VeriSpeak SDK

Speaker recognition with voiceprints for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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