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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between computers and human language. NLP offers a wide range of benefits across various fields, from improving communication to analyzing vast amounts of textual data and reducing manual labor.

Our NLP solutions are aimed at automating repetitive tasks, providing deeper insights from vast amounts of data, and creating virtual assistants that can simplify customer support tasks and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Our NLP products are customizable and can be tailored for both the public and the private sectors. We employ sophisticated algorithms that are designed to provide precision and accuracy in a variety of natural language processing- based – tasks from simplifying customer support to answering financial and investment queries.

Text and Sentiment Analysis

StockGeist graphics

Interactive platform for monitoring the current popularity of publicly traded companies and cryptocurrencies using market sentiment analysis.

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Gather, analyze, and monitor what users are saying about your or competitors' apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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NetGeist HR

AI-driven tool that thoroughly examines job market trends and provides relevant insights for different employment and educational sectors.



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ChatBot Assistants

Provide prompt, accurate, and extensive responses. Streamline communication. Elevate customer support.

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StockGeist Financial ChatBot

Offers expert insights on stocks, cryptocurrency, and market trends. Provides market sentiment analysis, helps find profitable companies.

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Assistant Robert

Proprietary chatbot that provides answers about Neurotechnology's products, features, functionalities, and more.



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Text-to-Speech Voice Models

Experience natural-sounding speech in Lithuanian and English with our advanced models. Female and male voices available.


Speech-to-text Model
Speech-to-Text Model

The model converts the captured speech and converts spoken words into written text.


Case Studies

Extensive expertise gathered throughout the years allows Neurotechnology to be working on national-scale biometric projects.

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Panevėžys job market analysis

NetGeist HR based solution has analyzed over 500,000 job offers for Panevėžys NOW city development agency.

Case study

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