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Interactive platform for monitoring the current popularity of publicly traded companies

The market sentiment monitoring platform by is intended for investors and stock traders who need a simple and convenient tool for analyzing news on a massive scale. The platform uses AI-based technologies to calculate sentiment that prevails in social media towards a particular company.

The covered companies are from the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 indices, as well as all the businesses in the publicly traded biotechnology and technology sectors.

A financial chatbot is also available. The proprietary chatbot employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to provide investors and traders with extensive insights and data-driven answers. The chatbot is trained to answer complex questions about market sentiment, specific stocks and cryptocurrencies, including long-term suggestions, technical indicators, and relevant news. provides stock sentiment information for users regarding the companies of their choice, including:

  • Ranking – the top companies receiving the most attention in social media, as well as number of messages relating to each company are shown.
  • Watchlist – interactive charts from a selected set of tickers can be built. For each ticker on the watchlist, the platform plots the total number of social media posts, cumulative message count, message ratio and positivity index.
  • News timeline – timelines of the public news related to a company of the user's choice can be created, including summaries of the most recent news. News stories are labeled by their sentiment as either positive, negative or neutral. Also, sentiment span within the news summaries is shown.
  • Social sentiment – distribution plots of the social sentiment in the posts received within a selected timeframe are shown. Separate plots show two categories of informative and emotional messages.
  • Wordcloud – the most frequently encountered keyword pairs in social media will help the user quickly get a general idea of what the news is all about.
  • Fundamentals – important, relevant data on the fundamentals as well as general information on the company selected are shown.

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Live market sentiment tracking of social media mentions for over 2200+ companies.
State-of-the-art A.I. provides market sentiment indicators on a real-time platform.
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