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MegaMatcher Accelerator

Solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems

MegaMatcher Accelerator is a hardware/software solution that provides high speed, high volume biometric identification for national-scale projects.

The Extreme and Extended versions are designed to run on server hardware and perform fast biometric template matching on the server-side of a large-scale AFIS or multi-modal system. The Standard version and Development Edition are intended to be run on a common PC. MegaMatcher Accelerator software licenses are available for new and existing MegaMatcher Extended SDK customers.

Features and Capabilities

  • Proven in national-scale projects, including voter registration and national ID.
  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine, NIST IREX proven iris engine.
  • Available as a ready-to-use biometric solution with server hardware
    or as biometric software that will run on server hardware or a common PC.
  • Up to 1,200,000,000 fingerprints, faces or irises per second matching speed on a single unit.
  • Fingerprint, iris, face, palmprint and voiceprint modalities supported.
  • Scalable cluster architecture with gRPC API support.
  • Support for ISO & ANSI fingerprint template standards.
  • Suitable for duplicates search.

MegaMatcher Accelerator is available in these editions:

MegaMatcher Accelerator software provides these advantages for biometric identification:

  • Fast matching.
    • A single MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extreme unit can match up to 1.2 billion fingerprints per second or up to 1.2 billion irises per second or up to 1.2 billion faces per second in 1-to-many mode using the Neurotechnology proprietary biometric template format.
    • A single MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extended unit can match up to 100 million fingerprints per second or up to 200 million irises per second or up to 100 million faces per second or up to 30 million voiceprints per second or up to 2 million palmprints per second in 1-to-many mode.
    • A PC with MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Standard software can match up to 35 million fingerprints per second or up to 70 million irises per second or up to 35 million faces per second or up to 10 million voiceprints per second or up to 600 thousand palmprints per second in 1-to-many mode.
  • Matching accuracy. MegaMatcher Accelerator matching engines are based on biometric identfication algorithms which had been recognized by NIST and other authoritative institutions as the most reliably accurate even at the highest matching speeds.
  • Multiple modalities support. MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 can be used within a biometric system that contains templates with any number of fingerprint, iris, face, voiceprint and/or palmprint records.
  • Full database search. The biometric engines included in MegaMatcher Accelerator do not perform internal database indexing or pre-classification (by fingerprint type, eye color etc) thus avoiding false rejections when incorrect classifiers appear. This way the whole database is scanned comprehensively during every matching request and very low false rejection ensured. On the other hand, integrators may use non-biometric classifiers like gender or a country's region to optimize system size.
  • Optimal system size. A system based on the MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 solution can be configured to perform fast candidate selection using irises and/or faces and/or several fingerprints, and then use other biometric modalities to validate selection results. This approach allows the system to reach optimal matching speed and reliability while keeping the overall system cost within the defined limits.
  • ISO & ANSI standards support. MegaMatcher Accelerator allows the use of ANSI and ISO biometric standards for fingerprint templates.
  • Scalable architecture. Multiple MegaMatcher Accelerator units can be combined together in a cluster for higher matching speed. For example, a cluster of 4 MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extended units would enable matching at a rate of about 108 million templates per second (when a template contains 4 fingerprint records), a cluster of 10 units – about 270 million templates per second, and so on. No additional cluster software is required, as MegaMatcher Accelerator includes all the necessary software which is easily managed through a web interface. Also, MegaMatcher Accelerator supports gRPC API, which provides multiple benefits like usage from any programming language and easy to add third-party infrastructure components.
  • Suitable for duplicates search. Searching for duplicates in a biometric template database is a task that requires many computations, as each biometric template needs to be verified with every other template in the database. MegaMatcher Accelerator provides enough speed to complete duplicate searching in a reasonable time. Scalable architecture allows the combination of several MegaMatcher Accelerator units for tasks involving larger databases.
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