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MegaMatcher Identity Management System

MegaMatcher Identity Management System (IDMS) provides all necessary software and services for registration and consolidation of identity data into a single registry, maintenance of the data lifecycle, elimination of all ineligible records, and coordination of linkages. MegaMatcher IDMS unifies other Neurotechnology solutions such as MegaMatcher ABIS and MegaMatcher IDRS, and can be tailored for different scenarios.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Identity Lifecycle Management. The system is designed to maintain control of the whole lifecycle of identity records, including registration, updates, and revocation procedures.
  • Data Quality Assurance. The system performs automated quality assessment on biometric data, identifying misalignments and correcting misplaced biometric records, evaluating compliance with ICAO requirements, and other specific image quality checks.
  • Data Integrity Assurance. MegaMatcher IDMS can be expanded with MegaMatcher ABIS to eliminate duplicate or fraudulent records to maintain the integrity of the identity registry.
  • Adaptability. The system is highly flexible and adaptable to different use cases, and can be tailored to serve both governmental and enterprise institutions.


MegaMatcher IDMS can be used for different civil case scenarios, including:

  • National identity registry. MegaMatcher IDMS establishes a centralized database with citizen information for efficient identification, improved management, and streamlined delivery of government services. By consolidating essential data such as biographical details, biometric identifiers, and demographic information, this registry strengthens national security and enables seamless access to government officials.
  • Voter management. The system helps to ensure the integrity of electoral processes through efficient voter registration, the detection of fraudulent registrations, and the establishment of a trusted voter registry. MegaMatcher IDMS demonstrates a high-security level, incorporating verified voter information and biometric data where applicable, which serves as a trusted database for voter identities.
  • Border control. MegaMatcher IDMS empowers secure border management through its all-round functionalities. Intuitive enrollment streamlines registration at checkpoints, while data consolidation integrates personal documents, immigration records, and watchlists into a unified system. Furthermore, biometric identity validation helps to avoid cases of impersonation and unauthorized entry. Even in locations with limited internet access, flexible deployment allows for offline operation.
  • Refugee registration. MegaMatcher IDMS streamlines refugee registration and their identity management through advanced tools which ensure duplicate detection, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of aid distribution. It ensures secure, transparent record-keeping of aid recipients, enabling better support and resource allocation for displaced populations.


MegaMatcher IDMS manages identities throughout their lifecycle, including registration, updates, status changes, and history tracking. This ensures information is renewed regularly. Additionally, the system updates the registry by eliminating duplicates and fraudulent records, maintaining its overall integrity.

Identity Validation

  • Biometric data quality assessment to ensure high recognition accuracy.
  • Presentation attack detection (face liveness, finger liveness, age estimation) to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Biographic data quality assessment for completeness and accuracy (personal code, name, etc.)

Identity Registry

  • Centralized repository for storing and managing biographic and biometric data
  • Comprehensive lifecycle management (registration, updates, history tracking)
  • Data merging capabilities to consolidate information from multiple sources

Credential Management

  • Issuance and management of physical and digital credentials (ID cards, tokens)
  • Secure governance of biometric data to ensure its integrity and validity
  • Personalization options for customizing credential data and security features (e.g., watermarks)
  • Printing capabilities for producing physical credentials (e.g., voter, national ID cards)

Identity Provider

  • Secure authentication gateway for accessing government services and resources. Different authentication methods support (e.g., Electronic Government Gateway, ID cards)
  • Data integrity checks to prevent duplicate records and ensure data integrity
  • System adaptability to accommodate diverse user profiles
  • Customizable statistics and reports for performance monitoring and decision-making

Case Studies

Liberia Voter Registration
Liberia General Elections

2.47 million voters registered in 6 weeks, 27,192 duplicate registrations and 529 underage suspects identified.

Case study

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