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Contactless Biometrics

In respect to the recent COVID-19 related situation, we would like to spotlight our solutions that are assigned to contactless biometrics & identification from remote location product group.

  • NCheck Bio Attendance – a highly accurate and reliable system for person biometic identification (including contactless modalities) and aimed at registration, time attendance and management of personnel. This ready to use product also has a feature, that is especially popular during the quarantine period – work at home time tracking. Employees can simply mark they attendance by using mobile application, which also can track the geographical location of a person's place of check-in/check-out. NCheck Bio Attendance can also recognize persons wearing face masks or respirators.

Besides this end user product, we have number of contactless biometrics products for integration.

  • Face Verification system – for identity verification by face in large-scale high-security applications (remote identification using mobile device or personal computer), like payment, e-services and all other apps that need enhanced security through biometric face recognition with deployment to millions of users.
  • SkyBiometry – for face detection, recognition and attributes determination on cloud.
  • SentiVeillance – persons or vehicles recognition and tracking for video surveillance systems.
  • VeriLook SDK – for people identification by face for stand-alone or network applications using webcams or smartphone cameras.
  • VeriEye SDK – for people identification by eye iris using non contact iris scanners, such as CMITech EMX-30, Iris ID iCAM TD1000/iCAM R100, IriShield USB MK2120U, Mantra MIS1000V2, Vista FA2/FA2E/EY2/EY2-02/EY2R.
  • VeriSpeak SDK – for people identification by voice.

All those products will help you more easily support quarantine requirements.

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