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MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation

MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation is a product specifically tailored for criminal case management and biometric evidence analysis. It includes an advanced set of tools that help examiners analyze and enhance latent prints before identification. The obtained matching results can be compared thoroughly and assessed to uncover unknown suspects.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Intuitive case management. MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation provides a toolset for organizing and documenting case information, streamlining the investigative process, and adhering to legal standards.
  • Latent print examination. The sophisticated latent print analysis toolset helps examiners to make the necessary visual adjustments to improve the quality of the latent prints. The comparison toolset allows to visually compare latent print versus matched candidates and evaluate them.
  • Latent print-focused algorithm. MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation employs an algorithm that has been evaluated in NIST ELFT. It prioritizes accuracy in latent print matching and takes into consideration automatically detected latent print feature points as well as the examiner's input.
  • System customization. The product offers extensive customization options, enabling law enforcement agencies to tailor the system to their specific needs and workflows, including third-party integrations.


MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation can be used to streamline criminal case and biometric evidence management in:

  • Forensics. MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation includes a well-developed latent analysis toolset that can help to improve the overall quality of the latent prints and make them more suitable for identification. The system enables forensic experts to extract and process intricate details from latent prints even in challenging conditions. The system ensures that law enforcement officers can confidently identify suspects and establish links between cases.


Case Management

MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation provides comprehensive case management that empowers law enforcement agencies to organize, manage, and track their investigations. This centralized approach ensures that the investigators have convenient access to the information they need, facilitating collaboration and efficient case progression.

Latent Examination

The MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation implements the ACE-V method, commonly used in the criminal domain for seamless and organized evidence processing. This method consists of:

  • Analysis – latent print enhancement to improve the quality of data with image alignments, adjustments, and feature point manipulations before the identification.
  • Comparison – visual side-by-side assessment of the latent print versus the known fingerprints or other latent prints to determine if they match.
  • Evaluation – assessment of the comparison and determination if there is a match, a mismatch, or insufficient evidence to form a conclusion.

Licensing and pricing

MegaMatcher Criminal Investigation is available with MegaMatcher ABIS Extended Kit.

See MegaMatcher ABIS licensing model and prices for criminal-specific components.

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