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Xperix (Suprema) RealScan-FC

General view
Suprema RealScan-FC Compact Palmprint Live Scanner, general view
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Xperix RealScan-FC is an optical palmprint scanner. The compact, light-weight scanner is suitable for mobile operation.

The scanner is able to capture these types of palm prints and fingerprints:

  • Lower & upper palm
  • Writer's palm
  • Four-finger slap
  • Dual flat fingerprints (dual thumbs)
  • Single flat fingerprint
  • Single rolled fingerprint

The manufacturer specifies that the scanner is compliant with FBI IQS Appendix F requirements. It features slippage detection for flat and rolled fingerprints. Also specified IP64 Ingress Protection rating and USB or DC 12V power supply.

Support modules for this scanner are included in:


Scanner Name RealScan-FC Compact Palmprint Live Scanner
Manufacturer Xperix Inc.
Connection USB 2.0
Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows
Resolution 500 ppi
Image capture area 131 x 130 mm (5.2" x 5.1")
Palm print image size 2500 x 2500 pixels
Fingerprint image size 1600 x 1500 pixels (for 4 finger slaps)
800 x 750 pixels (for single rolled or flat finger)
Sensor type Optical
Device size 193 x 315 x 150 mm (7.6" x 12.4" x 5.9")
Device weight 5.26 kg (11.61 lbs)
Operating temperature 0°C ~ +50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)
Operating humidity 10% - 90% (non-condencing)

* These operating systems are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs. Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.

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