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Supported fingerprint and palmprint scanners

See also the lists of supported face capture cameras and iris scanners.

We are always looking for scanner manufacturers to include the support for their fingerprint scanners to our products. Please, contact us for more details.

These fingerprint scanners and sensors are supported by our biometric products. Each device has 500 ppi resolution, unless a different resolution is mentioned in the Notes column.
Please, click on a scanner name to view more information about it.

The platforms mentioned for each scanner are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs.
Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.
Scanner Biometric Supply macOS iOS Notes
Fulcrum Biometrics mobileOne QuickDock     + Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection.
Apple Lightning connector.
PIV / FIPS 201 compliant sensor.
SMUFS Biometric SMUFS BT   + Bluetooth connection.
PIV / FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint sensor.
Futronic FS50 +   Two finger scanner. FBI IQS certified, FIPS 201 / PIV compliant.
Futronic FS80   +   Includes spoof detection
Futronic FS80H +   Includes spoof detection
Futronic FS82 +   Includes spoof detection
Embedded smart card reader
Futronic FS88   +   PIV / FIPS 201 certified
Futronic FS88H +   PIV / FIPS 201 certified
Futronic FS90   +(1)    
NEXT Biometrics NB-2033-U2   +(1)   385 ppi resolution
NEXT Biometrics NB-3010-U   +(1)   385 ppi resolution
NEXT Biometrics NB-3023-U2   +(1)   385 ppi resolution
NEXT Biometrics NB-65100   +(1)    
NEXT Biometrics NB-65200-U   +(1)   PIV certified

(1) supported only on Intel platform, not supported on Apple M1 platform.

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