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Palm Print Matcher component

The Palm Print Matcher component performs palm print template matching in 1-to-1 (verification) and 1-to-many (identification) modes. The component matches 800 palmprints per second and is designed for systems with low performance requirements.

A sample image of full palm print; fingerprints are marked for reference
Full palm print;
fingerprints marked in red for reference

Palm print template matching requires much more time than fingerprints, as palm images are much larger compared to fingerprint images, but have similar features density. Full palm print templates may contain about 2,000 minutiae compared to about 50 for fingerprint templates.

MegaMatcher palm print template matching algorithm may be configured to use more than one processor core on multi-core processors allowing to increase template matching speed.

One license for the Palm Print Matcher component is included in MegaMatcher 13.1 Standard SDK and MegaMatcher 13.1 Extended SDK. More licenses for this component can be purchased any time by MegaMatcher 13.1 SDK customers.

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