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Licensing Model

Neurotechnology Face Verification system licensing model is based on transactions that are accounted directly on the integrator or end-user server(s). The server does not use any biometric data for the accounting, only proprietary encrypted data is used.

Product Development

An integrator should obtain Face Verification system SDK component (€ 1,390) to develop services or end-user products based on the Face Verification technology. The SDK component needs to be purchased just once and may be used for all projects and by all the developers within the integrator's company.

Face Verification system SDK component includes:

  • 1000 PRT (Person Registration Transaction) licenses;
  • 1000 LIT (Liveness + ICAO transaction) licenses;
  • dongles for license management.

Web Service component can be obtained separately by Face Verification SDK customers who are developing web-based systems. Each Web Service component includes:

  • 2000 PRT (Person Registration Transaction) licenses;
  • 2000 LIT (Liveness + ICAO transaction) licenses.

Integrators can obtain additional Web Service component and/or transaction licenses if those are required for the development process.

Product Deployment

To deploy their developed services and/or products, an integrator needs to obtain the required amount of Web Service component, as well as PRTs and LITs licenses to be assigned to the specific set of dongles used for the deployment. The Face Verification SDK component can be installed on every computer or device, which runs the integrator's product, based on Neurotechnology Face Verification system. The Web Service component is needed for each particular deployment of the server-side part of the developed web application.

Integrators can purchase additional Web Service component and/or transaction licenses to add to the existing dongle counters, if required, at anytime.

Transaction licenses and their activation

The transaction licenses are copy-protected and they can be installed just on a specific set of dongles purchased by the customer.

The transactions are accounted directly on the integrator or end-user servers. It is necessary to plug in at least two USB dongles, which store both the total number of transactions purchased by the integrator and the number of transaction that were already used, to a server. The server component should have constant access to the connected dongles.

A license for a particular transaction is activated each time, when an application or a service, based on the Face Verification system, requests the server for a permission to perform this transaction. Each transaction license allows to perform only one particular transaction.

The Face Verification system handles two types of transactions:

  • PRT – Person Registration Transaction:
    • The transaction is accounted on the server component every time when a person is enrolled on a particular mobile device or PC, and communication with the server component happens.
    • The enrolled face can be verified an unlimited amount of times with the client component of Face Verification. The verification process can happen off-line.
    • Liveness check can be optionally performed during the verification of a previously enrolled face. In this case the liveness check is not accounted as a transaction (LIT).
  • LIT (Liveness + ICAO Transaction):
    • The transaction is accounted on the server component every time when a stand-alone liveness check operation is performed and not as a part of a verification operation as described above.
    • The accounted LIT are just the ones for which the liveness criteria succeeds. In case the liveness criteria is not passed, the LIT is not accounted by the server.

Licenses Validity

Face Verification system's component licenses are perpetual and do not have expiration. There are no annual fee or any other fees except license purchasing fee.

Once used, a transaction license can't be reverted back for another usage.

Licensing Agreement

The Licensing Agreement contains all licensing terms and conditions.

Note that you unambiguously accept this agreement by placing an order using Neurotechnology online ordering service or by email or other means of communications. Please read the agreement before making an order.

Enterprise License

The enterprise license for Neurotechnology Face Verification system allows to use the Face Verification component, without dongles copy protection, in end-user products or services for a specific territory, market segment or project. Specific pricing and licensing conditions would be included in the licensing agreement.

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