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Neurotechnology Face Verification system consists of two main components:

  • The SDK component – allows rapid development of native applications using functions from the Face Verification library for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.
  • The Web Service component – allows to build web-based application with a back end service that can be accessed through end user browser.

Both components use video streams from cameras, still images or already extracted templates as data input, therefore a Face Verification-based product is flexible to be used with any user interface and scenario from low level computer application to web based authentication.

Face Verification system's SDK component contains:

  • 1000 Person Registration Transactions (PRT) licenses
  • 1000 Liveness + ICAO Transactions (LIT) licenses
  • C, C# and Java programming tutorials for PC platform
  • Java programming samples and tutorials for Android platform
  • Objective C programming samples for iOS platform
  • Face Verification SDK documentation

The Web Service component packages can be purchased at any time by new or existing customers of Neurotechnology Face Verification system. Each Web Service component package includes:

  • 2000 Person Registration Transactions (PRT) licenses
  • 2000 Liveness + ICAO Transactions (LIT) licenses
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