Ready-to-use robotics development kit

SentiBotics development kit is designed to provide a starting point for researchers and developers, who would like to focus on robot development. SentiBotics can be also used as an educational platform at universities.

The kit includes a mobile autonomous robot with a manipulator, ROS-based SDK and full source code of all algorithms used in the robot software. The robot is able to perform navigation in a common environment, recognizes 3D objects, can grasp them and manipulate with them.

The ROS-based SDK includes 3D models of the robot and a number of programming samples for the mentioned actions. SentiBotics SDK trial is available for running in Gazebo robotics simulator.

Download 30-day SDK Trial.

Features and Capabilities

  • Robot hardware is included with instructions to assemble and setup.
  • Original proprietary algorithms for autonomous navigation, 3D object recognition and manipulation.
  • Development kit is based on the open and versatile ROS (Robot Operating System) framework.
  • Source code for the robotic algorithms is included.
  • Robot hardware is based on the components available on the market and can be modified by customers.
  • Robotic simulator can be used for algorithms evaluation and software development without real robotic hardware.

Neurotechnology began research and developing in the autonomous robotics field in 2004. Ten years later, in 2014, Neurotechnology released the SentiBotics development kit, which includes easy-to-setup robotic hardware and original proprietary algorithms for autonomous navigation, 3D object recognition and grasping:

  • Simple assembly and setup of the robot hardware. The SentiBotics robot hardware is shipped as a set of several components (tracked platform, robotic arm, cameras etc.), which need to be assembled together and connected. All necessary instructions are included. The on-board computer already includes pre-installed Ubuntu Linux and SentiBotics software. See the robotic platform specifications for more information.
  • Software is based on ROS (Robot Operating System) framework. The software for the robot navigation, object recognition and object manipulation using the robotic arm is based on the widely used Robot Operating System. Researchers and developers may use their experience with ROS and their existing ROS-based software to work with the SentiBotics development kit. The SentiBotics kit includes ROS-based infrastructure, which allows to integrate third-party hardware parts or robotics algorithms.
  • SLAM and navigation. SentiBotics uses an original navigation algorithm based on recognizing certain elements of an environment. The robot needs to explore the environment and build the environment map at first. Users may use manual mapping process by conrolling the robot via the included control pad, or by writing a simple set of movement instructions. After the environment map is built, the robot will be able to move, navigate and operate in the environment completely autonomously. See the navigation section for more information.
  • Object recognition and manipulation. SentiBotics includes a set of original, computer vision based algorithms for object learning and recognition. Users may teach the robot to recognize a previously unknown object by placing it in front of the robot's 3D camera and assigning an identifier to it. Then the robot will be able to recognize the learned object in the environment. Users may also specify, which objects should be grasped with the robot's arm, and once the robot will see the specified object within the grasping range, it will try grasp it and place into the attached container. See the object learning, recognition and grasping for more information.
  • Source code for the algorithms is included. The SentiBotics kit includes full source code for the algorithms used in the robot together with working software samples for autonomous navigatio, object recognition and manipulation. SentiBotics algorithms are written in C++ and designed to be run on the specified robotic hardware, but can be ported to other robotic platform, which includes the specified or better computer.
  • Robot hardware is based on the components available on the market. Users may purchase additional components to upgrade the robot, change its functionality or to build another robots, which will run SentiBotics software.
  • Robotics simulator. SentiBotics software can be run in Gazebo robotics simulator for algorithm evaluation and software development without using real robotic hardware. See the robotic simulator section for more information. A 30-day trial version of SentiBotics development kit is available for download.
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