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Text-to-Speech Voice Models

Text-to-speech synthesis refers to a machine learning process when written text is transformed into audible speech. The objective is to produce artificial speech that has a human-like touch.

Our text-to-speech models offer high-quality Lithuanian and English voices, fostering connection across diverse audiences. Committed to responsible AI, we ensure inclusivity and respect in our models, designed to adapt to various industries./ we ensure that our models are polite and respectful, and can deliver comprehensive and easily audible messages.

Our text-to-speech models can be applied to different industries, including:

  • Educational institutions. Multilingual learning TTS-powered tools can enhance learning processes.
  • Cultural institutions. Interactive audioguides can improve the experiences of museum and gallery visitors.
  • Financial sector. Natural-sounding interactive assistants can streamline customer service and explain financial concepts clearly and concisely, improving customer understanding and financial literacy.
  • Medical facilities. Complex medical information can be converted into clear, concise audio explanations, aiding comprehension for patients with visual impairments or learning difficulties.
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