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We are a stable, reputable company, working worldwide for several decades. Being one of the major players in the market of biometrics and AI technologies, we are seeking experienced, motivated professionals for technical positions.

While focusing on industry leadership we also encourage inspiring, open-minded and creative working environment. Join our talented and devoted team to bring innovations by developing cutting-edge algorithms and technologies which are ranked among the fastest and most accurate in the world.

The team:

  • 100+ employees
  • 90% are involved in R&D or DevOps
  • 15% hold Ph. D. degree.

Offices and branches:

  • Main office in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Local R&D offices in Kaunas and Šiauliai
  • India branch with the office in Gurgaon
  • Sri Lanka branch with the office in Colombo


  • 33 years of experience
  • 3000+ partners in 140+ countries
  • 1st places in NIST biometric technology competitions

Largest projects (people identified):

  • 1.3 billion – India Aadhaar ID (ongoing)
  • 80 million – Bangladesh Voter Registration
  • 46 million – DR Congo Voter Registration

Benefits and Values

As a professional you will be able to:

  • Collaborate with top-notch talents from around the world
  • Develop some of the most advanced technologies in the market
  • Enjoy the freedom to generate and implement your own ideas
  • Take part in tech talks
  • Use company's library
  • Apply for a learning budget to grow professionally

Your creativity will be encouraged by:

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Comfortable, green office environment
  • Personal, calm work place in a private space
  • Rest areas with table football, pool table etc.
  • Coffee machine, drinks, fruits and ice cream
  • Informal discussions and tech chatter
  • Team-building events and office parties

We share these values:

  • Work-life balance
  • Quality assurance and CI/CD
  • Horizontal communications
  • Liberal, multi-cultural environment
  • Mentoring and attention to colleagues
  • Smooth onboarding for new employees

We offer you:

  • Transparent and motivating salary
  • Bonuses for product releases, individual performance etc.
  • Health insurance (optional)


Boleslovas Dapkunas
Is it hard to stay impartial?
Boleslovas Dapkūnas
Data scientist
Evaldas Borcovas
Advanced Algorithms and Technologies are My Passion
Evaldas Borcovas
Biometrics R&D head
Martynas Hoppenas
I Exchanged Wheels to a Computer
Martynas Hoppenas
Front-end engineer
Osvaldas Putkis
My Working Day
Osvaldas Putkis
Engineering head
Shubham Juneja
Neurotechnology –
Good Start for Success
Shubham Juneja
Data scientist
Zygimantas Augunas
Combining Work and Studies…
is Really Possible
Žygimantas Augūnas
Full-stack engineer

Open positions

Currently we are looking for:

Also, please contact us, if you have experience or a keen interest in these fields:

  • biometric recognition algorithm development
  • neural networks
  • computer vision
  • artificial intelligence
  • autonomous robotics development

Email us ( your CV and motivation letter.

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