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VeriFinger 5.0 SDK for Biometric Fingerprint Recognition is Now Available, Includes Major Functionality Enhancements and Adds Support for Macintosh

Core Algorithm Matches 40,000 Fingerprints Per Second With High Reliability

Vilnius, Lithuania - September 19, 2006 - Neurotechnologija, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, today announced the availability of VeriFinger 5.0 Software Development Kit (SDK), the first major fingerprint identification SDK to add support for the Mac OS X platform to existing cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows and Linux. VeriFinger 5.0 provides both 1:1 verification and 1:many matching modes with significantly enhanced fingerprint recognition reliability and fast identification speeds of up to 40,000 fingerprints per second. The VeriFinger algorithm is currently used by more than 1000 biometric system developers, integrators and hardware manufacturers in more than 60 countries worldwide, and it can be integrated with any scanner, database or user interface, providing easy integration with existing security systems.

"Biometric identification has become one of the most critical security applications for businesses and governments worldwide, and we believe VeriFinger 5.0 SDK meets that important challenge with our most powerful technology to date," said Algimantas Malickas, CEO of Neurotechnologija. "Ninety percent of our development efforts for this version focused on further enhancing reliability. With the enhanced reliability, matching speeds and multi-platform capabilities of VeriFinger 5.0, customers can implement more extensive fingerprint identification systems in a broad range of environments, including Macintosh-based products as well as mixed embedded-PC systems," Malickas added.

The VeriFinger fingerprint identification algorithm has been proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable among competing identification algorithms in some of the industry's most rigorous competitions, including the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)'s Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (FpVTE) and the International Fingerprint Verification Competitions (FVC). Designed for use in a wide range of capacities, including access control, computer security, time/attendance control and banking applications among others, VeriFinger 5.0 SDK enables the rapid development and integration of biometric applications by giving integrators complete control over the SDK data input and output.

"We are consistently impressed by the unique combination of software quality and biometric algorithm accuracy, speed and reliability in Neurotechnologija's products, and when you combine all this with the very reasonable licensing options, you end up with a hands down unbeatable value," said Ken Nosker, president and CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics ( "Now, with the added capabilities in VeriFinger 5.0 SDK, we look forward to expanding our solutions and extending our offerings to an even broader range of systems."

VeriFinger 5.0 provides a number of additional advantages over VeriFinger 4.2, including improved automatic fingerprint quality detection, so if a user's fingerprint is not scanned properly when it is first collected during enrollment, it prompts the user to repeat the scan, thus improving overall database quality. Internal testing shows significant enhancements in reliability over the previous version. Depending on the scanner used, when set for the same False Acceptance Rate (FAR), the VeriFinger 5.0 False Rejection Rate (FRR) decreased by up to seven times over the same settings in VeriFinger 4.2. VeriFinger 5.0 also offers full compatibility with Neurotechnologija's FingerCell embedded solution algorithm, giving customers more options to develop mixed embedded/PC systems where fingerprints can be enrolled on either the embedded or PC side.

About Neurotechnologija

Neurotechnologija provides biometric fingerprint and face identification algorithms and software development products to security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers. More than 1000 system integrators and fingerprint sensor providers worldwide integrate Neurotechnologija's technologies into their own products.

Drawing from years of academic research in the fields of neuroinformatics, image processing and pattern recognition, Neurotechnologija was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania and released its first fingerprint identification system in 1991. Since that time Neurotechnologija has released more than 30 products and version upgrades for identification and verification of personal identity. For more information, visit:

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