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Face Verification 12 from Neurotechnology Extends Facial Authentication Capabilities to Web- Based Applications.

Face Verification 12 enables secure biometric authentication on PC, mobile and now web services for a wide variety of facial recognition applications.

Vilnius, Lithuania – November 30, 2021Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision biometric identification technologies, today announced the release of the new Face Verification system. Face Verification 12 is designed for the integration of facial authentication and liveness detection into PC, mobile and web applications for digital onboarding, payment, banking, telecommunications and other face recognition uses on personal devices.

The new facial recognition algorithm in Face Verification 12 features the same simple APIs as the previous version for enrollment, liveness checks, authentication and ISO 19794-5 quality checks while providing even better accuracy for both face recognition and liveness detection. It also includes a new encrypted biometric template format with a compact dimension. This compact template size makes it easier to store biometric data on small micro controllers or even include it in a QR code with other data, improving the overall versatility of the product for use in a wider range of environments.

The new version introduces a web service component that provides server-based performance for all operations that were previously available only for use on mobile devices and PCs. The web service is ready to be deployed on the server of a system integrator or of an end customer, and the operations can be performed through a WebRTC and REST API while processing live streaming from a camera in real time.

Face Verification 12 adds an improved passive mode to both mobile and server components. The new passive modality doesn't require the user to perform any active action, and it is able to detect various types of spoofing attacks, including masks, videos, photos and others. The new liveness modality adds to the passive and active modalities in the previous Face Verification SDK, including an improved blinking detection algorithm.

The new SDK component of the Face Verification system also allows users to export the face biometric data that is generated and use it to perform enrollment and verification on smart cards that integrate the new MegaMatcher On Card 12 algorithm released by Neurotechnology on November 29, 2021. This smart card technology performs on-card face template comparisons and can be used as an additional authentication factor for applications that require a very high degree of security. The combination of Face Verification and MegaMatcher On Card forms a unique product ecosystem in the identity verification market and provides even greater flexibility and value.

"We see an increasing demand for face recognition technology for consumer applications," said Antonello Mincone, business development manager for Neurotechnology. "However the requirements vary widely, depending on the location where data is stored, where the biometric checks are perfomed and the different privacy and security regulations involved. Face Verification 12 responds to this demand with a new web service component and smart card compatibility that expand the architectural capabilities for face authentication. It allows system integrators to easily implement and deploy different enrollment and authentication workflows for mobile, web and hybrid applications," Mincone added.

Face Verification 12 has a convenient licensing model that accounts for only the number of persons that have effectively used the deployed system, regardless of whether the enrollment or liveness check took place on mobile or web. So the same biometric data, once enrolled, can later be verified in a variety of authentication scenarios and without extra operational costs.

Face Verification 12 and the entire Neurotechnology biometric product line can be purchased from Neurotechnology and through distributors worldwide. A demo application of the web service is available at An Android demo, a trial version of the SDK and a trial version of the web service are also available. For more information, go to or

About Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is a developer of high-precision algorithms and software based on deep neural networks and other AI-related technologies. The company was launched in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the key idea of using neural networks for various applications, such as biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence. Since the first release of its fingerprint identification system in 1991, the company has delivered more than 200 products and version upgrades. More than 3,000 system integrators, security companies and hardware providers in more than 140 countries integrate Neurotechnology's algorithms into their products. The company's algorithms have achieved top results in independent technology evaluations, including NIST MINEX, PFT, FRVT and IREX.

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