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Solution Partner products

Below are references to Solution Partner products based on our biometric technology. More information about obtaining the "Solution Partner" status is available here.

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DeveloperProductField of application
Ex-Cle S.A.Beer Cap RockolaObject recognition apps
Ex-Cle S.A.BioPaymentIdentity verification system
Ex-Cle S.A.Finger AttendanceTime and attendance control
Ex-Cle S.A.FingerPrint RecoverCriminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system
Ex-Cle S.A.FingerSafeCivil AFIS/ABIS
National Recidivism Registry under the Argentina's Ministry of Justice and Human RightsSIID (Sistema Informático de Identificación Dactiloscópica)Criminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system
Tharsis S.A.HexaBankCustomer relationship management (CRM) software

DeveloperProductField of application
SmartDox Pty LtdChurchWorxCustomer relationship management (CRM) software

DeveloperProductField of application
Data Edge LimitedMachine Readable Passport Enrollment and Delivery Solution (CaptureID)Passport issuing system
Dohatec New MediaBangladesh Voter Registration Duplicate Search SystemDuplicates search system

DeveloperProductField of application
ZetesSierra Leone Biometric Voter Registration SystemVoter registration system
ZetesZetes People Registration System (PRS)eID issuing system

Bosnia and Herzegovina
DeveloperProductField of application
Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Biometric Passport and ID SystemPassport issuing system

DeveloperProductField of application
Arkivus Soluções Tecnológicas LtdaArkivus CredCivil AFIS/ABIS
BRy TecnologiaBRy PSBIOeID issuing system
Companhia AthleticaCiaSoftPhysical access control
Computer IDRobotIDTime and attendance control
Computer IDTouchAccessPhysical access control
Computer IDTouchClockTime and attendance control
Fingersec do Brasil LtdaFS ID-ControlerAccess and attendance control
iconnect Soluções Conectadasiconnect Academia, AcessoAccess and attendance control
Neokoros Brasil LtdaNK-DoorAccess and attendance control
Neokoros Brasil LtdaNK-FP2Access and attendance control
Neokoros Brasil LtdaNK-RollAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Software Group BGUT BioIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
CODE Inc.Kenya Voter Registration SystemVoter registration system
Gens Software Ltd.Video SurviellanceSurveillance system with facial identification

DeveloperProductField of application
Biometrika Chile S.A.Biometrika WebAssistance Markup AccessAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Nanjing Universal Prosperity Technologies Co. Ltdi-Face security platformAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Biotek International S.A.S.Biotek Identity Management suiteeID issuing system
Datasite S.A.S.VerificacionIrisAccess and attendance control
MCS TECH S.A.Bio-LimitPhysical access control
NANO SEGUNDOS S&S SASIn Out Jail ManagerPhysical access control
Olimpia Management SASISECeID issuing system
Security Systems LtdaThe Guardian Matching ServerCivil AFIS/ABIS
Soluciones Digitales Integrdas S.A.Identity TrakerLogical access control
Testec S.A.SER - The Evaluation and Recognition SystemIdentity verification system

El Salvador
DeveloperProductField of application
General Security S.A. de C.V.GS AFIS Version II 2007Passport issuing system

DeveloperProductField of application
TST Biometrics GmbHBiRD - Touchless Fingerprint Sensor with Live Finger DetectionAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Infokey Software Solutions Ltd.GateKeeperPhysical access control

Hong Kong
DeveloperProductField of application
Teeny-weeny LimitedNoQAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Access Computech Pvt Ltd.Attendance recording and Contract Labour identity managementeID issuing system
ADC SystemsBioPassPhysical access control
ADC Systemse-AttendanceTime and attendance control
Aditech Infotech Pvt LtdJustLookTime and attendance control
Anaxee Technologies Pvt. LtdAnaxee AttendanceAccess and attendance control
Codify Asia LimitedSmart Identification SystemAccess and attendance control
Fusion Biometrics IndiaBioAuthorizeETTime and attendance control
Fusion Biometrics IndiaBioAuthorizeLANBiometric Logon
Fusion Biometrics IndiaBioAuthorizePDAAccess and attendance control
Inttelix Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Contract Labour & Employee Management SystemAccess and attendance control
SecureMantra Technologies (P) LtdCriminal AFPIS Enterprise VersionCriminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system
Smart IdentificationBiometric Volunteer Management SystemCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
Travash Software SolutionsMobile app for missing children searchIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
PT. Nusantara Compnet IntegratorBiometric Capture SystemIdentity verification system
X/LINK softwareIndonesia Biometric Passport SystemPassport issuing system

DeveloperProductField of application
Ex-Sight.Com, LtdFRS AccessPhysical access control
Ex-Sight.Com, LtdFRS LogonBiometric Logon
Pangea NGU LTDPopulation Registration SystemCivil AFIS/ABIS

DeveloperProductField of application
Aliasit s.r.l.PerfectGymPhysical access control

DeveloperProductField of application
MWETANA Consulting and Technology GroupOnline Beneficiary Claims SystemIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
Business Oriented Computer SystemsBOCSFISTime and attendance control
P2 Digital Sdn BhdFingerFlexAccess and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Biometría Aplicada S. A. de C. V.Multi-Biometric Enrollment System (MBES®)Civil AFIS/ABIS
C3 TECHNOLOGY S.A. DE C.V.BioRostrumSurveillance system with facial identification
CerberusCerberusTime and attendance control
GAMASIS SA DE CVKARMACriminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system
Intercoop Comercial México, S.A. de C.V.InterDigitalAccess and attendance control
Portoss S.A. de C.V.SISPEGCriminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system
Spirit Ingenieria SA de CVBIOACCESSTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Adis BVToRSCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
HSB identification B.V.HSB ABISCivil AFIS/ABIS
Security Database B.V.VideoIdentCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
SmartmaticSIMS - Smartmatic Identity Management SolutionIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
PowerHub Technology Solution LimitedBiometrics Solution for Kebbi StateDuplicates search system
Supercard LimitedSupercard Data Repository (SDR) Application SuiteeID issuing system
Wizards Solutions LtdWiFISTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Dynamic SolutionsClients VerisysCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
Dynamic SolutionsTime Attendance SystemTime and attendance control
QUARDTECQuard BIOCHECKAccess and attendance control
QUARDTECQuard BIOCHRONTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
VERONICA TechnologiesVERONICA Core SurveillanceSurveillance system with facial identification

DeveloperProductField of application
ACLT Computing, Inc.Prime SystemTime and attendance control
E.D.S. InnoventionsE.D.S. FingerID SystemTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Polish Security Printing WorksPoland Biometric Passport SystemPassport issuing system

DeveloperProductField of application
Alert Life Sciences Computing, S.A.ALERTLogical access control
Grupo Milénio3UMV3Time and attendance control
Grupo Milénio3UMV5 – access control unitTime and attendance control
SinficBTMS - Bio Tools Management SystemVoter registration system
SiSQUALHOLISTIC Human Resources systemTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
DigiFace SolutionsDigiFace Time and Attendance Time and attendance control
DigiFace SolutionsDigiFace Visitor Management SystemAccess and attendance control
DigiFace SolutionsDigiFaceID Access Control SolutionPhysical access control
Intellect TDR Technologies Pte LtdINTBioTime and attendance control
NETe2 Asia Pte LtdVideo Management systemSurveillance system with facial identification

DeveloperProductField of application
Sahal Tech SolutionsSomaliland National ID ProjecteID issuing system

South Africa
DeveloperProductField of application
Acuo Technologies (Pty) LtdVoter Management System (VMS)Voter registration system
Nirph Digital (Pty) LtdCISCustomer relationship management (CRM) software

DeveloperProductField of application
INDRA SISTEMAS, S.A.Spanish airports border control solutionsCivil AFIS/ABIS
InnoMedia Seguridad, S.A.StiFACEPhysical access control
InnoMedia Seguridad, S.A.StiSCABPhysical access control
Soft for You, sl.BoxstoyAccess and attendance control

Sri Lanka
DeveloperProductField of application
Cenmetrix (Pvt) LtdCenAFISCivil AFIS/ABIS

DeveloperProductField of application
Scanwell SABISeID issuing system

DeveloperProductField of application
Hyweb Technology Co., Ltd.Hyweb Border control systemCivil AFIS/ABIS
Transtep Technology Inc.Biometric Verification Access Control SystemPhysical access control

DeveloperProductField of application
Techno Brain LimitedSecuRegisterIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
BioAXS Co. LtdFace Recognition Attendance SystemTime and attendance control
BioAXS Co. LtdFace Recognition Windows Logon SystemBiometric Logon
BioAXS Co. LtdFingerprint Attendance SystemTime and attendance control
IConcepts Co., Ltd.LiveScan4AllCivil AFIS/ABIS
IConcepts Co., Ltd.M4AllTime and attendance control
IT WORKSIT WORKS Biometrics SolutionsPhysical access control
Izpal Corporation LimitedIzpal OnTimeTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Alpha SoftwareBIOCRIM 3.0Criminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system

DeveloperProductField of application
Biostore LimitedBiostoreIdentity verification system
Cyclone Industries LtdLive RegisterAccess and attendance control
DPM Systems LtdIMCS - Immigration Management and Control System for System iPassport issuing system
Idscan Biometrics LimitedCloakscanIdentity verification system
Idscan Biometrics LimitedinTouchCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
Idscan Biometrics LimitedSmokeScreenTime and attendance control
Pinecone Associates LtdIdentiTillIdentity verification system
Pinecone Associates LtdIdentiTripTime and attendance control
Proton Solutions LtdBiometric Passport and Border Control SystemCivil AFIS/ABIS
Skotkonung, Ltd.Individual Enrolment and MonitoringIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
SARBASH Lab.BIO SKDAccess and attendance control
Talan SystemsNational Biometric Verification and Identification System of UkraineCivil AFIS/ABIS
USSI - Union Solution Security IntegratorINNISurveillance system with facial identification

DeveloperProductField of application
ChiroTouchChiroTouchCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
CNG TechnologiesParent PagerAccess and attendance control
Count Me In, LLCTimecard MonitorTime and attendance control
IDMission LLCIDNOWTime and attendance control
Interactive Designs, IncSalonTouchCustomer relationship management (CRM) software
Iquantics Corp.IQafisCivil AFIS/ABIS
Iquantics Corp.IQbiometriceID issuing system
Iquantics Corp.IQborderCivil AFIS/ABIS
Iquantics Corp.IQdriveeID issuing system
Iquantics Corp.IQGuardSurveillance system with facial identification
Iquantics Corp.IQPassCivil AFIS/ABIS
Kressa Software CorpSchoolLeader Childcare Management SystemAccess and attendance control
Lifewares LLCCONFIDENT Childcare Management SoftwareAccess and attendance control
Perzona, Inc.SBH 5.0Logical access control
Remesas Quisqueyana, Inc.Check Cashing SystemIdentity verification system
Secure Check Cashing Systems, Inc.Secure Check Cashing SystemIdentity verification system

DeveloperProductField of application
T&T International Group, S.A.HuellaTime and attendance control

DeveloperProductField of application
Hoang Vy Co.TA95Time and attendance control
Simulation and System integration LabSiS C@FISCriminal AFIS/ABIS or forensic application system

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