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Product Information

Product name: SIMS - Smartmatic Identity Management Solution

Product's field of application: Identity verification system

Developed by
Naritaweg 165 Telestone 8, 1043 BW, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0) 20 57 22 461

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher SDK, VeriFinger SDK, VeriLook SDK, VeriEye SDK.

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
SIMS supports fingerprint scanners, iris readers and digital cameras that are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs.

Supported OS and software requirements
Windows and Linux

Product description
Smartmatic Identity Management Solutions (SIMS) is the complete combination of services and technology that enables governments and large corporations to manage personal identity using biometric security. With SIMS's full-featured solution, a higher level of capability is possible in a wider range of applications. From voter and civil registration to immigration control and national identity projects, SIMS provides, security, efficiency and economy.
SIMS consists of the following high-end technology components:
PARclient: Biometric data capture software used to enroll people into the solution. It can run on the PARmobile, as well as in commercial off-the-shelf PCs and laptops.
IdMS: the heart of SIMS is idMS (Identity Management System), the back-office system which not only controls the consolidation of all data captured in the enrollment stations, but also safeguards that the only access to the consolidated data is by authorized users and systems. It serves as the director for the process of duplicate detection and adjudication and interfaces with our the automated biometric identification system (ABIS).
PARmobile: the next-generation device for enrollment of people in field applications. It's rugged and portable. Everything you need is contained in a handy rubber coated case, including a digital camera and flash, fingerprint scanner, signature pad and card reader, all ready to use. No setup is required. Just plug into an electrical power source, turn it on and start enrolling people right away.

Brief information about developer
Smartmatic is a privately-owned, multinational company that designs and deploys end-to-end, custom technology solutions to enable government agencies and large enterprises to fulfill their missions with the utmost efficiency. Founded around a core team of elite engineers who are guided by the principle of continuous improvement in process, performance and results, Smartmatic delivers unsurpassed technology to clients in four key business divisions:
- Electronic and auditable voting systems
- Intelligent and integrated security systems
- Identity registration and authentication of large population groups
- Technology research and development, and consulting

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