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Product Information

Product name: Face Recognition Windows Logon System

Product's field of application: Biometric Logon

Developed by
BioAXS Co. Ltd,
976/28 Future Point Mini Office Complex, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok
Phone: +66 2 64 154 15
Fax: +66 2 64 154 18

Development tool(s) used: VeriLook Standard SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
BioAXS's approved PC and IP Cameras

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows XP

Product description
The product is used as Windows Logon either for single PCs or for LAN/WAN with Active Directory, Domain controllers and Server/Client environments.

Brief information about developer
BioAXS is technological co-operation of different organizations from different parts of the world. Main aim is creation & innovation towards fulfillment of market requirements in form of affective, user friendly solutions. At BioAXS we are confident to find solutions to your problems within and not limited to areas of: Biometric Solutions RFID Solutions Software Development R&D and design of PCBs Management Information Systems Outsourcing Solution Integration BioAXS has been proven as affective having acquired expertise of all different fields, starting from a diagnostic phase of a problem towards finding a right solution as per needs of the end user. This involves all phases of: Market Survey Requirement gathering Solution Design Integration of Technology within solution Solution development Installation and support of the solution Strengths of BioAXS lie in innovation, creation and better understanding of customer's requirements, working under simple rule as: "What is more efficient & effective for the end user?"

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