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Product Information

Product name: SER - The Evaluation and Recognition System

Product's field of application: Identity verification system

Developed by
Testec S.A.,
Calle 4 sur No. 43 A - 109 of. 506, Medellí­n
Phone: +57-4-321-4444
Fax: +57-4-321-4422

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Extended SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
All scanners, supported by VeriFinger SDK

Supported OS and software requirements
MS Windows

Product description
SER is a solution for driving skills evaluation and drivers' medical examination. VeriFinger fingerprint recognition technology is integrated into this solution for customers' identification. The software is developed for Java platform and has two main modules: driving skills evaluation and medical examination. The solution administrates different tests according to the module and identifies every examined person in a biometrical way. It is able to capture, verify and validate fingerprints with the possibility to save and print them. In the near future, SER will export the fingerprints to the government according to ANSI standards.

Brief information about developer
Testec is a private entity that offers services in transit field to drivers of motor vehicles. It has the proper technological tools to evaluate theorical and practical skills of drivers as well as the physical, mental and motor coordination aptitudes according to law requirements in Colombia right now.

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