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Product Information

Product name: LiveScan4All

Product's field of application: Civil AFIS/ABIS

Developed by
IConcepts Co., Ltd.,
100/60 Vongvanij Complex B Building, 20 Fl., Rama IX Rd.Huaykwang, Bangkok,10320
Phone: +66 2 64 500 14
Fax: +66 2 64 500 13

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Extended SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
• Digital Persona U.are.U
• Smith and Heimann

Supported OS and software requirements
MS Windows

Product description
The LiveScan system is certified by US DoJ and FBI. It allows to capture single fingerprints, 10 prints and palmprints. The system features fully customizable business rule engine to meet the customers needs.
LiveScan is suitable for various applications, including border control, visa applicants control, civil background check etc.
LiveScan is installed at LA County, Merced County, Department of Development Services, LA Surpreme Court

Brief information about developer
IConcepts Co., Ltd. is founded in Thailand with Thai shareholders in 2003 in partnership with international partners in the US and NZ. We specialize in developing world-class software and complex solutions. Our domain knowledge lies in the area of national security biometrics as well as in high end business management software.

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