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Product Information

Product name: Smart Identification System

Product's field of application: Access and attendance control

Developed by
Codify Asia Limited,
607-608, Sidhartha, 96 Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110 019
Phone: +91-2629 1012
Fax: +91-2629 5643

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Standard SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Cross Match Verifier LC 300

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows

Product description

Codify's Fingerprint based Smart Identification System is a complete Biometric solution that delivers accurate and reliable results. The Smart Identification System integrates a Fingerprint Capture Device with a very versatile application software to provide you customized solutions for Physical Access Control, Identification, Verification, Attendance Monitoring and Registration Programs. The Smart Identification System can be further customised to meet your specific requirements.

The Process. The Smart Identification System has four components - Sensor, Processor, Data Storage and the Application Software. The Sensor is responsible for acquiring the Biometric data from the person. The Processor analyzes the input data and extracts the features that will be used to compute a match during subsequent authentications. The Processor also formats the extracted features into a non-reproducible Biometric Template that is stored in the Data Storage for future reference. The Application Software is the most powerful of the four components and synchronizes the information and data between the Sensor, Processor and Data Storage.

Enrollment: During this process, a person teaches the system how to recognize him or her. The person places his or her finger on the fingerprint sensor, allowing the system to capture and memorize the fingerprint.

Authentication: This is the process of certifying a person?s identity by matching the current fingerprint features with the fingerprint features that were captured and stored during enrollment.

The Smart Identification System is intended for high-quality, live single- finger imaging applications and is designed for demanding applications that include:

  • Identity Verification & Authorization of Employees and Visitors.
  • Attendance Monitoring.
  • Physical Access Control.
  • Multiple Enrollment Fraud Detection.
  • Law Enforcement.
  • National ID Projects.
  • Passport Projects.
  • Driver's License Projects.
  • Voters Registration.

The System is installed at Tihar Prisons - India's & Asia's biggest Prison complex.

Brief information about developer
Codify is a complete biometric based security solutions provider.

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