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Product Information

Product name: INTBio

Product's field of application: Time and attendance control

Developed by
Intellect TDR Technologies Pte Ltd,
No. 2 Tuas View Square Intellect Building, Singapore
Phone: 62710010

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Standard SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
• PC with Pentium 4 2.0GHz and 256 Mb of RAM
• Digital Persona U.are.U 4000

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, XP

Product description
A Biometric Time and Attendance system that is developed for the construction industry in Singapore. INTBio allows an organisation to capture the arrival and departure times of personnel to a single or multiple facility. It is a combined point-of-entry verification and time clock-in/clock-out system. A HQ software allows monitoring the attendance, punctuality and overtime at multiple sites. INTBio utilises U.are.U 4000 fingerprint sensor together with VeriFinger Recognition engine.

Brief information about developer
Intellect TDR Technologies Pte Ltd is a solutions provider for biometrics and M2M products.

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