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Product Information

Product name: National Biometric Verification and Identification System of Ukraine

Product's field of application: Civil AFIS/ABIS

Developed by
Talan Systems,
Degtyarivska st. 53-A, Kyiv
Phone: +38 044-229-16-17

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher SDK with MegaMatcher Accelerator

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Supported fingerprint file formats: wsq, xyt, jpeg, bmp, npg
Supported photo file formats: jpeg, bmp, npg

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Linux

Product description
The National Biometric Verification and Identification System of Ukraine is intended for creating a data bank with Ukranian citizens biometric information. This system will speed up the decision-making process when checking person's identity, as well as ensure the reliability and authenticity of the decision when issuing ID documents.

The system uses a cluster of MegaMatcher Accelerator Extended servers that store, handle up to 100 million mathematical fingerprint templates and up to 30 million human face templates. The system of biometric verification and identification is integrated with the demographic registry of Ukraine.

The system is designed to provide 4 seconds response time for each request and can enroll up to 30,000 people per day. At the moment there are 12 million people already enrolled into the system.

Quote from the integrator:

"The successful selection of advanced biometric technologies provided the search for mathematical fingerprint templates and faces on a multi-million base in seconds. As a result of the implementation of the biometric verification and identification system, we already have the opportunity to identify fraudulent cases of receipt by citizens of several identity documents and the reporting of such cases by the relevant authorities."

Brief information about developer
Talan Systems is a full-cycle system integrator, from a conceptual solution to the implementation of infrastructure systems, specialized software development and end-product support.

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