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Product Information

Product name: Somaliland National ID Project

Product's field of application: eID issuing system

Developed by
Sahal Tech Solutions,
Seeraar Building, Ground Floor, Hargeisa
Phone: +25263-4111799

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher SDK, MegaMatcher Accelerator

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Any fingerprint or iris scanner, supported by MegaMatcher SDK.

Supported OS and software requirements
MegaMatcher Accelerator units have pre-installed OS

Product description
Somaliland government decided to register all Somaliland citizens for the creation of a biometric National Identity Card system. Sahal Tech Solutions selected MegaMatcher Accelerator to provide the high level of security, accuracy and speed required for biometric registration and identification using fingerprint, face and iris biometrics. Biometric registration centers have been set up in every city and village in the country and almost 500,000 registrations were completed during the first months.
Read the case study (PDF).

Brief information about developer
Sahal Tech Solutions is a well-established and growth-oriented high-end IT consultant and software development company based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The company provides expert consulting and uses the latest generation software technologies.

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