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Product Information

Product name: Multi-Biometric Enrollment System (MBES®)

Product's field of application: Civil AFIS/ABIS

Developed by
Biometría Aplicada S. A. de C. V.,
Av. Chapultepec 230 - Piso 5, Col. Roma Norte, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, CP 06700, México, D. F.
Phone: +52-55-5241-9945
Fax: +52-55-5241-9972

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher SDK for client-side, MegaMatcher Accelerator for server-side

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Identix TP-4100, ARH AFS-510, CrossMatch Guardian and Suprema RealScan-10 on client-side. MegaMatcher Accerelator solution on server-side.

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows XS / Vista / 7 on client side

Product description
The Multi-Biometric Enrollment System is designed for high-volume iris, face and fingerprint identification. More than 3.5 million taxpayers have been enrolled in the system with a goal of 5 million to be enrolled by 2014.
Read the case study (PDF).

Brief information about developer
The company provides various biometric solutions using fingerprint, face and iris modalities.

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