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Product Information

Product name: BIS

Product's field of application: eID issuing system

Developed by
Scanwell SA,
Avenue de Préville 6, Moudon
Phone: +41 219056454

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
SecuGen Hamster IV

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows

Product description
The BIS system is developed to create and manage security documents, like passports and/or identity cards. This system is intended for any governments.
The current BIS installations are in Switzerland and in Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)

Brief information about developer
Scanwell SA develops the production of secure documents of any kind for 15 years. Company's contacts extend to Europe, Africa and America. Scanwell SA is headquartered in Moudon (Switzerland) and has additional representative offices: in Charrat and Valais (Switzerland), Morocco, Algeria and the UAE. Scanwell SA remains attentive to the evolution of new applications and technological advances in the field of security as well as works with various research centers to meet the requirements of the customers.

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