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Product Information

Product name: Video Surviellance

Product's field of application: Surveillance system with facial identification

Developed by
Gens Software Ltd.,
4050 West 38th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Phone: +1 604-266-5767
Fax: +1 604-266-5769

Development tool(s) used: VeriLook Surveillance SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Any camera supported by VeriLook Surveillance SDK.

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7

Product description
The product allows to enroll multiple templates of the same person. Multiple cameras can be monitored from the same computer. The product allows generating an alert when a person is recognized. In addition, the product allows monitoring if a mobile phone is in vicinity of the computer using Bluetooth technology.

Brief information about developer
Gens Software Ltd has been working with Biometic Technologies since 1998, first with Iris Recognition and then with other biometrics. The company has developed Java Wrapper for BioAPI consortium. Gens Software is also authorized reseller of BioLink and VistaImaging products.

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