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Product Information

Product name: GateKeeper

Product's field of application: Physical access control

Developed by
Infokey Software Solutions Ltd.,
6 D.Kyriakou str., GR-14562, Kifisia, Attiki,
Phone: +30 2108076856
Fax: +30 2108076896

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: VeriLook SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Raspberry Pi single-board computer
Web camera or CCTV

Supported OS and software requirements
Any Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi

Product description
Gatekeeper is a complete face recognition solution, easily integrable with additional hardware devices and controls, like devices that control lighting and gate opening and securing. It has been developed for the banking sector and masters all automation functionality requirements needed for intelligent securing and control of entrance gates.

Gatekeeper offers these functions
• Visitor automatic recognition or reaction upon an entry button press, upon arrival at the gate.
• Opening of the outer gate, closing and evaluation of the visitor's facial characteristics automatically.
• Analysis of the visitor's facial characteristics.
• In case some of the necessary characteristics are not completely visible, like for example the visitor is wearing dark sunglasses, or a hat, Gatekeeper instructs the visitor, via multilingual audible messages, to resolve the problem while it checks again.
• Once the problem is resolved and the face characteristics are present, the system opens the internal gate allowing the visitor in and closes the internal gate behind the person.
• Optionally, the cabin is checked on demand for left over items through a special camera, mounted on the roof of the cabin.
• Optionally a mechanism allows recognizing select certain visitors in order to confirm their identity and welcome known visitors or customers. If programmed, an automatically generated message, an SMS or email message can notify of their arrival the personnel of the institution operating the system.
• All events can be also logged. This log file can also include images of the visiting persons. The logged information may be automatically deleted, if the policies of the corporation or the law require this.
• It is easy to customize the exact configuration of the system. Three levels of access are granted to users. The administrator has full control over all options.
• The system is versatile. The configuration of the system can easily be adjusted, in order to allow easy adapting to various security policies and different hardware environments.

The system has been tested and approved by the National Bank of Greece.

Brief information about developer
Infokey Software Solutions Ltd. is a software house, specializing in customized and biometric software applications.

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