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Product Information

Product name: In Out Jail Manager

Product's field of application: Physical access control

Developed by
CL 5 c 73 a 34, Bogotá, D.C.
Phone: +57-12994690

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger SDK and VeriLook SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 hd, Secugen Hamster III

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista

Product description
Jail prisoners and visitors management and identification. The product uses both facial and fingerprint biometrics for better system reliability and user convenience.
The system has been purchased by 7 jails in Colombia.

Brief information about developer
Development and integration of security software, visitor access control etc. The company has many projects in driver license approval and customer biometric management.

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