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Product Information

Product name: ALERT

Product's field of application: Logical access control

Developed by
Alert Life Sciences Computing, S.A.,
Edificio Lake Towers, Rua Daciano Baptista Marques, 245 4400-617 Vila Nova de Gaia
Phone: +35 1 22 832 89 80
Fax: +35 1 22 832 89 82

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
All scanners, supported by MegaMatcher SDK.

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows, Linux

Product description
ALERT® is a family of EMR and data warehouse solutions for all clinical settings, with the widely demonstrated capacity to produce 100% paper free environments, facilitating the implementation and documentation of P4P initiatives.

ALERT® is used by more than 8,500 healthcare facilities in 31 country of the world, including Portugal, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia and Brazil. There are currently over 36,000 certified trained users in ALERT® applications, and half of them are physicians.

Brief information about developer
ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. is the parent company of the ALERT® Group of Companies, which includes subsidiaries in Spain, the Netherlands, U.S.A, Brazil and Singapore. The company mission statement is "to improve health and prolong life, achieve profitability to benefit society, and inspire others to excel like we do."

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