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Product Information

Product name: Quard BIOCHRON

Product's field of application: Time and attendance control

Developed by
1-A Aibak Block New Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab
Phone: +92 4 25 941 42 0
Fax: +92 4 25 848 13 8

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Standard SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
All scannners supported by VeriFinger SDK.
Minimum system requirements: PIII - 933MHz, 20 Gb HDD, 256 Mb RAM, Sound Card, USB ports.

Supported OS and software requirements
MS Windows NT/2000/XP

Product description
Quard BIOCHRON is yet another revolutionary biometric solution offered by Quardtec. The system helps keep track of time attendance of employees in an organization through the use of finger print scanning (QuardSKAN 2000).

Brief information about developer
We are a security solutions provider and deal in a verity of products, one of which is biometric systems. We have been constantly developing and upgrading software applications since 2002 and our systems are now widely used in Banks, offices, schools and facotories here in Paksitan. Our belief is that the technology should be for everyone and cheap.

Other products, developed by QUARDTEC

ProductField of application
Quard BIOCHECKAccess and attendance control

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