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Product Information

Product name: SalonTouch

Product's field of application: Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Developed by
Interactive Designs, Inc,
1475 Alderman Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: +1 770-650-8830
Fax: +1 770-619-7009

Product's web page address:

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger Extended SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Digital Persona U.are.U

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Product description
The product is intended for various salons and includes such features as Fingerprint Identification, Integrated Credit Card and EFT Processing, Appointment Book that allows double-booking, Multiple Release Forms, 1-Step Client Picture Capturing, Customizable Main Screen, Multiple Security Profiles, Unlimited Surcharge Restrictions and so much more. SalonTouch can run as a stand-a-lone product, operate in a local area network (LAN) environment or function in a real-time wide area network (WAN) environment.

Brief information about developer
Interacive Designs, Inc writes software for the service industry (tanning, fitness salons etc.)

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