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Product Information

Product name: Individual Enrolment and Monitoring

Product's field of application: Identity verification system

Developed by
Skotkonung, Ltd.,
Merlin House Brunel Road, Theale, Berkshire
Phone: +44(0)33 0088 3933

Development tool(s) used: MegaMatcher Embedded SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
Android smartphone or tablet, with micro SD card and on-board camera
Futronic FS88 Fingerprint Scanner

Supported OS and software requirements
Android 4.0.3 or newer, with USB Host Access (Enrolment and Verification)
Android 2.3.6 or newer (Monitoring)

Product description
Enrolment: Enables individual enrolment using a mobile device to capture and hold individual personal details and biometric templates, in the field, before upload to a secure server. The system requires biometric data to enable an enrolment to be completed and ensures that only unique individuals are enrolled by cross checking new enrolments against the system database.
Verification: Enables individual's identities to be confirmed on a mobile device using face and finger templates matched against the local device database with the capability to store and upload person and verification purpose (payment, time clock etc) details to a secure server.
Monitoring: Enables mobile devices to receive beneficiary enrolment templates and details then undertake field based verification of project work including confirmation of project worker identities, project location, status and site images. Monitoring data is stored locally then uploaded to a secure server to enable web access to report data.
Licensing: Using a bespoke Automatic Serial License file delivery and activation system users are able to simply obtain and activate licenses in a one off process at time of application installation negating the need for internet access during application use or high levels of user computer literacy.

Brief information about developer
Skotkonung, Ltd is a software development company with a strong track record in creating and implementing technical solutions that meet individual customer needs, budgets and timescales. The company's highly experienced team of developers, deliver effective business solutions for customers, ranging from website design to complex multi-platform software solutions and mobile applications. Customers include: SME businesses, charities and UK Government departments.
Based in Reading, UK, Skotkonung offers truly global solutions that reflect the increasingly mobile world our customers operate in.

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