Product Schema

This schema is an overview of the components included in each of the Neurotechnology biometric SDKs and how they relate to one another. The SDKs increase progressively in scope, beginning with the single-biometric SDKs for stand-alone application development to the single-biometric SDKs for web-based systems up to the multi-biometric SDKs for small-scale or large-scale systems. In all cases, the next larger SDK in a given product area includes the components of its smaller version.

For example: MegaMatcher Standard SDK includes all components of VeriFinger Extended SDK, VeriLook Extended SDK, VeriEye Extended SDK and VeriSpeak Extended SDK along with additional components as noted in the chart below. In turn, the VeriFinger, VeriLook, VeriEye and VeriSpeak Extended SDKs include the components of the respective Standard SDKs.

See licensing model and prices pages for more comprehensive information on specific SDK licensing and pricing.

Products related to MegaMatcher 10.0 SDK

MegaMatcher Accelerator
(price depends on version)

More fingerprint identification products

FingerCell 3.1 SDK (contact us for the price)

Surveillance products

SentiVeillance Server (€ 4,900)

Robotics, A.I. and computer vision

SentiBotics (€ 17900)
SentiGaze 1.1 SDK (€ 890)
SentiSculpt SDK (€ 859)
SentiSight 3.4 SDK (€ 339)