MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System

Integrated multi-biometric solution for national-scale identification projects

MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System is designed for large-scale biometric systems developers and integrators. The modular and customizable solution provides services for high-performance multi-biometric systems with multiple transactions.

Available as a complete system for the deployment of large-scale multi-biometric projects.


  • The prices are effective June 21, 2017.
  • Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time.
  • Prices do not include local import duties or taxes.

MegaMatcher ABIS Starting Kit

MegaMatcher ABIS 10.0 (licensing model)
MegaMatcher ABIS 10.0 Starting Kit€ 14,990.00

The table lists the prices for components of the MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). The selection can be narrowed with filtering by certain requirements based on the target biometric system.

Select the required components:
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ABIS-specific components
Fingerprint components
Face components
Iris components
Voice components
Palm print components
Server-side components (multiplatform)
Windows, Mac OS X or Linux client components
Android client components
iOS client components
ARM Linux client components

Services for MegaMatcher ABIS customers

Additional services
Custom development€ 70.00 per developer/hour
Support and maintenance
for custom solutions
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