Licensing VeriLook 3.0/3.1

Note: this document is intended for existing VeriLook 3.0/3.1 customers only. Information about licensing VeriLook 10.0 SDK is available here.

A license for VeriLook is required for each running instance of a VeriLook-based application. Single computer licensing mode is available for existing VeriLook 3.0/3.1 customers.

Existing VeriLook 3.0/3.1 SDK customers can obtain additional VeriLook 3.0/3.1 licenses for their product installation or development at any time. Prices for additional VeriLook 3.0/3.1 installation licenses can be found here.

Please also refer to VeriLook 3.1 SDK Software License Agreement for all licensing terms and conditions.

Single computer license

A single computer license allows to install and run a VeriLook 3.0/3.1 installation on a single PC. The license will not be lost if computer will be reinstalled. The license must be used on real hardware, as virtual environments are not supported.

The following license management options are available:

Volume license manager

Volume license manager is used on site by integrators or end users to manage obtained licenses for VeriLook 3.1. It consists of license management software and a dongle, which are used to store the number of obtained licenses. An integrator or an end-user can use the volume license manager in the following ways:

  • Activating the single computer licenses. An installation license for a VeriLook 3.1 will be activated for using on a particular computer. The license quantity in the license manager will be decreased by the amount of activated licenses.
  • Managing the single computer licenses on LAN or Internet. The license manager allows to manage installation licenses for VeriLook across the computers on LAN or Internet. The number of managed licenses is limited by the number of licenses in the license manager. No license activation is needed and the license quantity is not decreased. Once issued, the license is assigned to certain computer on the network.
  • Using a license manager as a dongle. The volume license manager containing at least one license for a VeriLook 3.1 can be used as a dongle that allows to run VeriLook 3.1 installation on a particular computer.

Additional VeriLook 3.1 installation licenses for the license manager can be purchased anytime. Neurotechnology will generate a special update code and send it to you. Then you will just have to enter the code to the license manager to add these purchased licenses.