Startek FPC360U

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Startek FPC360U fingerprint scanner, general view
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Startek FPC360U is a compact fingerprint scanner embedded into a dongle. The fingerprint reader is intended for using with mobile devices.

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Scanner Name FPC360U MicroUSB Fingerprint Reader
Manufacturer Startek Engineering Inc.
Connection USB 2.0 (via Standard USB / Micro USB / Mini USB)
Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Resolution 508 ppi
Image capture area (Platen size) 13 x 18 mm (0.5" x 0.7")
Fingerprint image size 256 x 360 pixels
Sensor type Capacitive
Device size 71 x 28 x 9 mm (2.8" x 1.1" x 0.4")
Device weight 145 grams (5.1 oz)
Operating temperature 0°C ~ +50°C

* These operating systems are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs. Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.

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Buy FPC360U at Biometric Supply – a subsidiary of Neurotechnology.

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