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MINEX III Compliance

These comments provided by Neurotechnology are based on NIST MINEX III results published on January 31, 2017.

The MINEX III evaluation is a NIST SP 800-76-2 Biometric Specifications for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) U.S. Government program compliance evaluation. It is a successor to the discontinued MINEX Ongoing program.

In 2015 Neurotechnology's MegaMatcher algorithm was the first to successfully pass the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III NIST third-party evaluation, demonstrating its compliance with the state of the art standards as well as its interoperability with other vendors' biometric software. The further submissions in 2016 demonstrated the latest smart cards dedicated Neurotechnology's biometric software compliance with the MINEX III requirements. The newest submission in 2017 proved the continued improvements in interoperability of Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithm, which has been ranked as the first most interoperable matcher and the fourth most accurate native template matcher vendor among all MINEX III compliant matchers.

Neurotechnology's biometric software demonstrated its compliance with the most recent PIV profile 2nd revision interoperability, native accuracy and ANSI INCITS378 standards compliance requirements, which were verified by NIST on a significantly enlarged data set (compared to the discontinued MINEX Ongoing program) by generating approximately 2 million single finger templates and performing approximately 3 million single-finger matching operations per submission. The tables below show the accuracy results for these algorithm submissions:

  • Neurotechnology+0107 – the recent Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithm, designed for using in solutions, based on PC or mobile platforms;
  • Neurotechnology+0204 – the latest Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithm, designed for using in solutions employing card holder biometric verification on Integrated Circuit Cards (smart cards).
Table 1. FNMR values, two fingers, at PIV Level1 compliance FMR ≤ 1 %
  Template Generator Template Matcher
MINEX III (Neurotechnology+0107) 0.041 % 0.021 %
MINEX III (Neurotechnology+0204) 0.039 % 0.143 %

Table 2. FNMR values, native performance
  PIV Level 1 (two fingers) PIV Level 2 (single finger)
MINEX III (Neurotechnology+0107) 0.006 % 1.09 %
MINEX III (Neurotechnology+0204) 0.071 % 1.71 %

Neurotechnology algorithms performance in MINEX III
Figure 1. Neurotechnology's MINEX III compliant template matchers' performance and interoperability.

The tables and figure above present performance estimates of the MINEX III compliant Neurotechnology biometric software submissions which have been published by January 31, 2017.


The Neurotechnology+0107 submission corresponds to the recent Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithms, designed for using in solutions, based on PC or mobile platforms. The submitted algorithm has successfully passed the MINEX III validation in January, 2017. It has shown the significant improvement in Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition technology since the very first submission to MINEX III in 2015 with reported 1.34 times better PIV Level 2 mean native single finger matcher criteria and moreover 1.8 times better PIV Level 1 interoperability pooled two-finger matcher criteria on a wider range of MINEX III compliant generators pool. The latter criteria positions Neurotechnology+0107 as outstanding in terms of interoperability recognition solution in two-way interoperability scenario.

See the MINEX III official page for more information on MINEX III extended testing criteria and the most recent evaluation reports.


The Neurotechnology+0204 submission from 2016 corresponds to the latest Neurotechnology's fingerprint template generation algorithm and the latest MegaMatcher On Card fingerprint matching algorithm for performing card holder verification on smart cards. The submitted algorithm has successfully passed the MINEX III validation in October, 2016. The recognition by NIST proves the Neurotechnology's off-card template generator applicability and the on-card comparison software compliance with NIST SP 800-76-2 minimal interoperability and matching accuracy specifications.

Compared to the Neurotechnology+0105 algorithm submission from 2015, this version of the algorithm showed more than 1.22 times better template generator interoperability with MINEX III compliant matchers while possessing almost the same average template creation performance. The fingerprint matching algorithm has been rated as the second fastest template matching submission, while showing about 1.14 times better interoperability with MINEX III compliant template generator pool (PIV Level 1 criteria) compared to the fastest submission.

See the MINEX III official page for more information on MINEX III extended testing criteria and the most recent evaluation reports.

Results shown from the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange III (MINEX III) test do not constitute endorsement of any particular system by the U.S. Government.

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