SentiSight Embedded SDK

Object recognition for moble computer vision applications

SentiSight Embedded is designed for developers who want to use computer vision-based object recognition in their applications for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Through manual or fully automatic object learning it enables searching for learned objects in images or videos from built-in cameras with PC-like accuracy.

Available as a software development kit that provides for the development of object recognition applications for the devices that are running Android OS.

Related products

  • SentiSight SDK – for development of PC-based object recognition systems. SentiSight SDK based software produces the same object models as the SentiSight Embedded SDK, thus both SDKs can be used for developing object recognition systems with client-side software running on smartphones and connecting to the remote server-side.
  • SentiSculpt SDK – for development of PC-based systems which perform 3D object models creation from regular images .