Ready-to-use robotics development kit

SentiBotics development kit is designed to provide a starting point for researchers and developers, who would like to focus on robot development. SentiBotics can be also used as an educational platform at universities.

The kit includes a mobile autonomous robot with a manipulator, ROS-based SDK and full source code of all algorithms used in the robot software. The robot is able to perform navigation in a common environment, recognizes 3D objects, can grasp them and manipulate with them.

The ROS-based SDK includes 3D models of the robot and a number of programming samples for the mentioned actions. SentiBotics SDK trial is available for running in Gazebo robotics simulator.

Download 30-day SDK Trial.

Robotic Platform Specifications

SentiBotics 2.0 robotic hardware consists of:

  • Tracked mobile platform (two 17 W motors, 1.72 nm torque) with accurate motor encoders.
    • The platform includes inertial measurement unit (IMU) and is capable to execute precise movements. The Teensy-3.1 based platform controller integrates the data from motor encoders and IMU, and allows to execute smooth and accurate movements of the platform.
    • Platform's construction allows to carry up to 10 kg (22 lbs) of payload.
  • Intel NUC i5 on-board computer (RKE53427 board, Intel Core i5-3427U CPU running at 1.80GHz , 8 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD drive, 802.11n wireless network interface).
  • Battery (20 A⋅h 4-cell LiFePO4) with 4 A charger.
  • Modular robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom, equipped with DYNAMIXEL servo motors. Each servo motor provides feedback on position, speed and force among other elements. The modular construction allows to change kinematic structure of the arm. The arm can lift up to 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) payload in its default configuration.
  • Two 3D sensors:
    • short range Softkinetic DS325 for arm – range 0.15 - 1 m (0'6" - 3'3");
    • long range Asus Xtion Pro Live - for navigation – range 1 - 3.5 m (3'3" - 11'6").
  • Control pad for manual control of the robot and the robotic arm.

Note that the robotic platform is designed for in-doors use in office-like or laboratory environment.